Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Lotto Ticket (by Shoal)

Wilson grasped the lotto ticket in his hand. He walked into his home, hoping for a win. The results were set to be announced on Saturday and couldn't wait! He had a long wait though as it was only Tuesday when he got the ticket. The days had gone past so quickly and it was Friday when he decided to go for a swim.

He tucked the ticket in his jeans pocket and went for a swim in his swimming pool. He did ten laps in the pool and went to get a drink. In that time, the wind picked up and the water became more rough. " I don't care!" Wilson dived in the water, doing the backstroke up and down the pool.

The sky grew grey but he kept on swimming. The manager of the pool soon came out to tell him that there was a storm and that he needed to go home as they were closing. He gathered his belongings and went to his car.  

He was stopped by the view from the harbor bridge. He starred in awe, praying that he would win Saturdays big draw. The wind blew furiously and he held his ticket close to his chest. He loosened  his grip which was a very bad idea. the ticket was ripped out of his hand by the wind and sent him flying over the edge of the bridge. 

As he was falling, he grabbed the ticket and excepted that he was about to die. He was still foolishly holding the ticket and praying that a miracle to happen. " Please don't let my obsession over that one ticket determine my fate!" He screamed at the top of his lungs.

But to his surprise, he landed on a boat that was travelling to Rangitoto and he was safe! Wilson was so thankful and happy that he had landed on that boat. He still had the ticket in his hand though as he explained what had happened to the couple on the boat. They took him back to their home and he washed up. 

The very next day he sat in front of the t.v looking at the lotto numbers. 35, 67, 18,22 all numbers on his ticket. The last number was called and he nearly fainted. The numbers on his ticket were a match! He speed to the nearest lotto shop. Wilson was over the moon and felt like the luckiest guy in the world!

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