Friday, May 23, 2014

Music by Neo

What is Music?

Music is one of the most delicate things in life. It can help you with most things you could think of. Music has a way of going deep inside your emotions. In todays world, we sometimes use technology to make music.  

Types of music.

Every type of music has developed from scratch since the medieval ages to this day. For example, late 19th century - 20th century. Blues, originated from the Southern United States by the African American folks in the late 19th century. Dubstep, emerged from the late 1990  and originates from the United Kingdom.

The impact from music.

It is always good to listen to music. It sets the mood for you to relax, but don’t push yourself to the limit of the volume or Your inner ear will be damaged and your ability to hear will be disabled. But on the other hand,music is the best thing you can listen to when you're feeling down


You have to love instruments, a place without instruments is not negotiable for anyone in this world. Learning how to play instruments will help you with your thinking ability and your smarts. Main instruments like the guitar, piano, and the violin is what I would recommend for beginners.  

Music is very important, important as life, and if you already know the knowledge of music and you already know how to play a musical instrument, keep practising till the end

School Immersion Assembly Term 2 - by Texas

Term 2!! Welcome back Point England. Well this year is different because we have a new topic to learn about. I think for the intermediate block our theme is Sound. I like sound because we can listen to music or make instrumental beats.

This morning we had have an team assembly. At the beginning of a new term we have a team assembly which gives the teachers a chance to do something on the stage to show us some of the topic we are learning about. Walking into the hall there were helium balloons attached to the ground and most of the teachers were wearing costumes and headphones on their head. Mr Burt had worn an funky dress which kids thought that he was a clown, but he wasn't a clown.As Mr Burt was talking team 1 was getting ready to go on the stage.

Team 1 had a movie about the zoo, animals was mostly seen in the movie. Team 2 was up on the stage that was performing about planes and we got to watch the song that was playing on the stage. The teachers were doing some funny moments. As we were getting on to team 3 the performance was about lights, colours and speed of light. It was like a rainbow but the teachers wearing costumes.

Team 4 was up on the stage that had diving gear, fishing gear and treats to give away. To get some treats you have to answer a question's.Mr Burt was funny through little rubber balls across the hall. Team 5's turn to perform on the stage, I think this was about sound. It was funny that all the teachers in team 5 had a instrument and making a beat. This morning was a cool entertainment for the beginning of this term.