Friday, April 12, 2013

The Day When 4 Rugby Balls Got Stuck Up In A Tree (TRUE STORY)

Once upon a time, a bunch of girls had two rugby balls but didn't know what to do with them. They weren't really into rugby or touch but they did enjoy kicking the ball, so they decided to play kicks with the two rugby balls. The girls names were Shoal, Ashleigh, Rita, Brooklyn, Huelo-Ata and Vivienne. They went to the top field and started their little game. Half of them went to the left and the other half went to the right. As they played they started making up their only rules such as if someone catches it they had to do 1 push up. They were all having FUN!!!

“Lets see who can kick the ball the highest” Rita yelled out. Everyone was keen to show off their skills so they all wanted the ball. It was a bit difficult for most people but a piece of cake for like only two people. It was going all smoothly when.... “OH NOOOOO!!!”

“What’s wrong?” Vivienne and Shoal said with a confused face. They tried to see what the problem was when all of a sudden they saw everyone's eyes looking up. Vivienne’s eyes looked up and saw the problem. The good news was that they had one ball still on the ground but the bad news was.... Yep, you guessed it, the other ball was stuck in the tree. This was really bad. They knew that if they left it up there there teacher Mrs Lagitupu would notice a rugby ball missing. “Who kicked it up there?” Everyone asked.
“Sorry, that was me...” Huelo-Ata said quietly.  They tried to think of a solution to solve the problem.

They knew that they had one more rugby ball still on the ground so there answer to the problem was simple. Throw the other rugby ball up into the tree. Hopefully for them the other rugby ball will somehow fall off. Simple right? Well, you thought wrong. It was really difficult. They tried with all their might to get the ruby ball down but they failed. They were not strong enough so they decided to call a boy name Logan. Logan thought of a strategy to help those poor girls get their rugby ball down. He was given the ball, and everyone was expecting him to do something to get the ball down. He threw it up and it came back down. He kept trying and trying and believe me, his plan was not working. Suddenly... All they see is two rugby balls stuck up in the tree.

Ball after ball they finally stopped. They looked up again, and saw 4 rugby balls. Everyone didn’t know what to do. The only way was to tell Mr Malloy. “How is Mr Malloy going to get 4 rugby balls down those trees? They are Massive!!!” Brooklyn said. To Be Continued.....

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