Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Class 2 Celtic Knot designs

In week one of term 4 the class was given a task to create Celtic knot art designs. They had to form a group of three and then proceed to design an artwork with Maori or Pacific patterns. Some chose to be more creative and design original images. Check out their results.

Iron - Tattoo designs

This tattoo I drew myself represents the teuila which is the flower. I drew this because it represents my culture and it really nice and easy to draw.
Now this photo here that I drew is actually suppose to be around the arm or leg. Its also a Samoan tattoo that I like and I wish to get it one day I grow up!
Last but not least, this tattoo is meant to be tattooed on the leg. It also inspired me because it represents my culture. This is also a little bit too much so I would never get it!