Friday, August 24, 2018

Y7&8 Trip to KPMG

On the 10th of August the Year 7&8 Extension students (and some students from Team 5) had the opportunity to visit KPMG for the first time. Our students were so lucky to visit KPMG in the city. KPMG are the biggest sponsors of our Manaiakalani Community of Learning. After meeting some of the staff including Justine who organised our trip, the students got into small groups and began filming.

Throughout the day we were treated to an amazing lunch and some neat activities with some of the staff from KPMG. One group of students interviewed some of the staff to find out more about what they do at KPMG. Another decided to have fun and created an MTV.

We would love to take this opportunity to thank Justine and the staff at KPMG for their hospitality and support during this trip.

Here are some of the student movies that were inspired by our trip.