Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Have you ever watched a movie about a murder mystery? Sometimes the person who commits a crime is the person who you'd least expect.

The Year 7&8 Extension group were keen to write the script and create their characters for our movie. We used sound effects and music to create suspense and build up a sense of drama. A couple of our characters used different accents (voices) as well. We tried to build a story that would keep our viewers watching. If you enjoyed watching our movie, please leave some feedback and/or positive comments.


What kinds of movies do you like to watch? Some of the most popular movies are action movies!

This movie was created by the Year 5&6 Extension group. Everyone wanted to play a part in the movie, so we decided to split the movie up into different sections or different worlds. The students wrote the script and picked their characters.

The theme was inspired by some of the most popular block buster movies. We used quite a few green screen effects for our backgrounds. The underwater scene was quite difficult to shoot, but the footage was amazing!

We hope that you enjoy watching our movie. Please leave some positive comments on our blog.