Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp Concert 2012 by Toreka

“Next we have......... THE RESPECT CREW!!!” Mr Barks excitedlly announced. “YAAAY!!!!”, “WOOHOO!!”, “GO RESPECT CREW!!!!!” was all I managed to hear. Although it was our second night on our final year of camp, we still hadn’t had that much time to adjust to our group name. Sooo... while everyone was cheering for us, we actually didn’t realise that it was our turn to perform. We simply sat there waiting for an exciting performance, only to find that we were the ones actually performing.

Let me take you back a couple of days. We were at school. It was camp week. The hall was filled with anticipation, excitement, and big bundles of nerves. It was time for the camp concert. There were 12 long rows of crazy campers crammed into a small stuffy hall, all of them ready to perform. 

Maybe not all of them. Well technically, three people weren’t ready. And don’t you go thinking it was me and one of my Respect Crew that wasn’t ready. It was the judges! They weren’t ready for the most awesome and exciting show of their life!

Our Respect Crew walked up the steps looking like the real deal. But unfortunately none of the realio dealios wanted to walk on stage first, so I got pushed forward. I walked on stage angrily, but still graciously hopping in to my rehearsed spot. Our chosen songs were ‘Hey Baby’ and ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ - in that song the boys decided to catdaddy instead of the original choreographed moves.

Soon my crew was on and dancing, enjoying the camp concert atmosphere, and laughing at each other. The song transitioned in to ‘Hey Baby’, and our group were all jumping around clapping. We finished our performance with one of our members Jephte, thanking the audience. We walked off proud and happy, making sure the judges saw our thrilled faces.

After the Respectorz performed we got ready for the final judging. I looked up at my crew and they were all looking down and glum like it was the end of the world. 6th place was announced, it wasn’t us. 5th place was announced, it still wasn’t us. 4th went, 3rd went. My team all looked up and started smiling and crossing fingers and anything else they could.

“Finally, 1st place goes to..............THE RESPECT CREW!!!!!!!!” Mr Barks shouted! I looked at Lepa. Lepa looked at me. We looked at our crew, our crew looked at us. Then we all jumped up screaming and yelling, “WOOHOO!!!!” “YYYAAAAAAAAY!!!!!” “YEEEEESSSS!!!!!!” 
We had won.