Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Express Yourself - Manaiakalani Film Festival 2013

NWA from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

A group of students in our class wanted to create a rap to express their feelings about school and life in general. The background track is an instrumental called 'Express Yourself' by 'NWA'. Everyone else had fun participating as dancers, actors, videographers, movie editors etc. The second short movie is a mash up of different songs matched to things we might say in real life. Please feel free to leave us a positive comment if you enjoyed our movie.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

MTV by Crusader, Starford and Kingston

Team 5's creative strand task last term was to make an MTV of a song that was from a particular era. James, Crusader, Starford and Kingston made an MTV for the song 'My Girl' by the Temptations in the 1960's. Well done boys!

My girl - Temptations from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Niue Language Week Celebrations

This past week we have celebrated Niue Language Week at school by sharing part of the Niue culture through movies shown on PENN (Pt England News Network). On Friday a Niuean student (Kingston L) delivered a prayer in Niuean at our school assembly. Then we held a quick quiz to test whether students remembered what they had learnt during the week.

Niue Prayer from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Later in the day, Room 21 was treated with muffins that had a mini copy of the Niue flag on them which were a big hit with the class. Staff were also treated with a morning tea shout from two Niuean staff members (Ms Lavakula and myself) and from other lovely staff including Mrs Tuala who encouraged us to celebrate Niue language week this week. Fakaue lahi mahaki Mrs Tuala! So well done to all who took part this week. It doesn't matter which culture you are from, but it is important to nurture, protect and use your language.

Days of the week and Niuean villages

This movie is presented by Niuean students Dartanian, Juliet, Ashlee and Darius. Learn about the days of the week in Niuean and the names of the villages of Niue. Well done to Ms Lavakula and her students for putting this movie together.

Niue Language 3 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Numbers and Greetings in Niuean

The following movie is presented by Stevenson and Shoal. Learn how to say and read numbers in Niuean. You can also learn how to say "hello", "how are you?" and "goodbye" in Niuean.

Numbers and greetings in Niuean from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Niue Language Week

Fakalofa lahi atu! This week is Niue language week 2013. The theme for this year's celebration is: Leveki mo e Fakaaoga e Vagahau Niue: Treasure and Use the Niue language.

Niue language week from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

If you attend a Niue Language Week event, you can expect to experience cultural and language activities, Niuean cuisine, music, traditional stories and more. Click here for more information.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cross Country by Starford

“Are you ready for Cross Country?” My friend Samuela asked me, “Ohhh no!!” I said with anxiousness. Today was the day of our school’s Cross Country. I was really nervous. I haven’t  been running lately and I thought I was gonna be unfit.

Getting ready, everyone starting dressing up in their house colours. I’m in Mataatua which is the green house. There are four house colours, Takitimu(Yellow), Te Arawa(Red), Tainui(Blue) and Mataatua(green) My group and I from Mataatua came together and had to create a chant. It took a while to finish but we managed to pull it off.  

It was time, the whole school gathered together in their house colours. Everyone was excited and so was I. Mrs Va'afusuaga (School sports co-ordinator) said it was time for the house colour chants, and we were first…


We tried to help motivate our runners to try hard and do their best, and hopefully they did.

In 1 hour, it was time for the yr 8’s to run. Everyone was really excited and some were really anxious. Our Principal Mr Burt said the call “On your marks...get set...GO!!” And we were off like lightning. I paced myself so I didn’t puff out while running. After a while I finally reached the finish line and I came 10th.

Cross Country by Tui

Bright skies and muddy fields all around me. Sweaty skin and B.O is what I could smell. Little kids and big kids cheering for their team: Te Arawa, Tainui, Takitimu and Mataatua. Four different teams with different house colours. Te arawa was red, Tainui was blue, Takitimu is yellow and Mataatua was green.

Different age groups went one after another, I’m already starting to have the butterflies.Nervous with shivers down my spine I was scared that I could barely walk to the start. Two feet behind the start and I was already settled. “Ready, set and GO!” all of us girls sprinted for our lives. Making our way past the first corner I was in the lead. One girl and another making her way past me “oh my gosh when will these girls stop” I yelled. 

Huffing and puffing I was making my way to Mr.Sommerville. “Come on Tui you can make it” he cheered on. Making my way across a puddle I was sweating hot so I decided to have one little dive. So glad and so cold I was running out of the puddle. At the end of the reserve I saw a person standing there waving his hand in the air. It was Mr Barks. Pointing his hand to the left showing my way back to school. Running in zig-zags I was puffed out. Walking to the gates I felt like dropping dead.

Under the goalpost doing one more lap. As I look back upon my shoulder I saw a few of my friends in a group. Still continuing my run I decided to make it all the way for my last year. My legs were in pain but I didn’t really care I just wanted to get this over with. Running by some boys Crusader and Ahsin. “Go boys you can do it to the end” I supported them. Half way across the fields I was nearly finish. Sprinting and sprinting running to the finish line and I'm finished. On the ground puffed to death. I am never doing that run again.

Waiting for everybody to leave it was just all of us house captains. There was still water left so we decided to have a water fight. Laughing with madness we all got wet then we all said our good byes to our teachers. Walking home with my friends was exciting as we all shared our thought’s on the cross-country.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Interface Xpo movie

Interface Xpo from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Here is a movie about our experience at the recent Interface Xpo. It was produced by Makayla, Darius, Shoal and Vivienne. Thank you once again to Greg Adams and Interface Magazine for this fantastic experience!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Interface XPO 2013

Vivienne, Shoal, Darius and Makayla recently attended an Interface XPO which was held at the Ellerslie Convention Centre in Auckland. We were kindly invited by the editor of Interface Magazine, Greg Adams, to produce a short film about the day.

There were a range of presentations from Gold Sponsors: TTS (Telco Technology Services), Cyclone and Isometric Solutions as well as others. The students enjoyed filming and interviewing sponsors about their products. They also got the chance to capture a few thoughts about the day from some of the people who attended. A big thanks to Mrs Burt, Mr Adams and Interface Magazine for this amazing opportunity!

Friday, May 17, 2013 (by Vivienne)

You may have noticed our school on TV as well as the one and only Will.I.Am. The reason for this is that Will.I.Am gave us a HUGE koha. A koha is a special present. That's what we were given. A $100,000.00 check for the manaiakalani program  I know it is going to go for good use like our net-books and other things.  The story of Will.I.Am coming is pretty long. Let me start from the beginning, it all began with an assembly on Wednesday 08 of May....

Everyone was waiting anxiously for Mr Burt to walk into the hall with either good or bad news. He finally walked in and told everyone that we were having a very very special visitor coming in tomorrow. Apparently he was more important then John Key. I mean, who is more important then the prime minister. The sad thing though was that Mr Burt wasn't able to tell us who the special guest was. If he did tell us who it was then the special guest wouldn't come. But, the only thing that we were told was that he was really into music. Straight away the person in my head was Stan Walker.... Or the x factor judges. When our short assembly was finish all the prefects had to go to Mr Burt for a quick meeting.

When all the prefects arrived we were given important tasks for Thursday.  Some people were given the task to take pictures while the others had to greet the special guest. Me on the other hand had the most difficult task of them all. I had to say another Tongan prayer! When I was told I was so nervous and excited at the same time. When Mr Burt was talking to us, someone asked if we could find out who the special guest was. You would think that he would tell us, but NO!!! The only thing he told us was to not even talk about it. Not in class or with our friends... When we finished our meeting though, we went back to class.

I went home and thought about it. I'm sure everyone did. Then on 3 news it said that Will.I.Am was in New Zealand and that he was going to come back to do a full tour. The thought came into my head that the special guest was going to be Will. I. Am.... You never know... But then I said to myself 'naaa.... He is way to famous to come to our school. I mean, out of all the schools in New Zealand there is like 1/100 chance that he would come to our school.'

It was Thursday. The day everyone was waiting for. The day when the special guest was going to come and visit our school. It was basically the main thing on everyone's mind. Straight after morning tea everyone went into the hall for Mr Burt to tell us the big news and other things like to not stand up when we see the guest and to sing our school song properly. But everyone was waiting for the big news. Even I was. He finally got up to the part when he was going to tell us. Who is it??? Who is it???Who is it??? It was the only question in my head. "Who knows the band Black Eyed Peas?" Mr Burt said to us.
"Or  course... Will.I.Am" people were saying to there mates beside them.
Everyone knew now so the only thing that they were waiting for was the actual visitor him self. It took a while because of traffic but he arrived.

TO BE CONTINUED.... @ Pt England School!

International Superstar from famous Hip Hop group 'Black Eyed Peas' visited our school. What an amazing experience for our children. Here's what Makayla had to say about it:

I felt pumped and exhilarated as I remembered that the big cameras for the news and popular shows were behind me. I also felt inspired because of the generous donation that gave the Manaiakalani schools. It was a lot of money ($100, 000 by the way!) to help with our classrooms and e-learning tools.

I am an inspired student right now and I am very excited to see what new guests will be brought to us and our school. Thank you for supporting our school!

Please check out our blogs to find out more about this amazing experience!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pt England Survivor

This is Room 21's entry for this years 'Student vs Wild' competition organised by Genesis Energy and OPC (Outdoor Pursuits Centre). Students had to demonstrate how they would survive a week at our school if there was some kind of crisis e.g. a zombie attack! Winning schools get to attend 5 days at OPC's award winning adventure challenge at Tongariro or Great Barrier Island.  Please vote for us!

You can click on this link to vote for us:

or go to the 'Student vs Wild' website to find out more. You can vote once a day for the next 24 days!

Pt England Survivors from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Just another ordinary day at PES

This movie was created by Jasmine, Ashleigh, Shoal and Vivienne. It stars Lesieli who is in Year 6 at Pt England School. The students decided to create this movie to show what a typical day might look like for a student here at our school. Of course Lesieli is a little more special as she is one of our Pt England Ambassadors, but most of what you see might be a typical day for most of our netbook students. We hope you enjoy.

JASV An ordinary day from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, April 15, 2013

About My little Nephew

Hi this is my little nephew. His name is Joseph . He was born in June 2010. When he was first was born I got told from my sister, I had tears in my eyes. On his first birthday he had a big party. My sister (Joseph's mum ect) dressed him like a gangsta. Man you should've seen him, he looked really cool. The weather was really bad, because it was pouring down with rain, but lucky my sister had the tarpaulin up and also the gazebo.

Walking under the gazebo I took notice how brilliant the decorations were set out. The main colours of the decorations  were, green, black and white. Every person that came had given an goodie bag. He was so lucky because he got given lots of presents. My mum gave $30 so I could buy Joseph a gift. I brought him three cars that cost $15.70. Then with my change, I brought him some red and black slippers. 

Before it came to this special day, his mum and dad paid some money to get a 1st key done. When it came out it looked amazing. Looking at the key I see, a gorgeous face sketched on it. When I saw the cake I was like Mmmm yummy yum yum chocolate cake my favourite. We sing Happy Birthday. After that we had a piece each. Man I shoved the cake in my mouth because it tasted fabulous.

Now looking at him he is still my gorgeous, gangsta, really cool and amazing nephew. Joseph is now 2 years old. He is a really kind person to meet. But sometime he can be a little brat. For christmas last year he brought me some new shoes and a big make-up chest. Man even though he can be a little brat and annoying I'll always respect him and love him.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Assembly (by Levi)

FiaFia was the bomb because I was in it. I am the man at drumming. I was on the Electric drums, Shayne on guitar Isara on it as well and Neo and Howard. We joined in with Stan walker’s song (you gotta take it easy) and it sounded very cool. Then we ended with a big finish.

Stevenson is a Soapbox Derby Nationals contestant and we will get the report on Friday. If they win this they will go to America and I will be jealous because they will challenge other people in America. Do you want them to win??? I do.

We had junior drummers and that included me and it was amazing and everyone loved it because they were cheering. Mr Burt ask the Cook Island drummers to drum after and they were awesome. It was about two minutes and that was a pretty long time.

Thanks for reading my story.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Skateland Day Today!!!! WOOHOO (by Mele)

“Mele do you want to go to
skate land”? “Yeap I want to come” “ OK go and get ready and I will be warming the car”. So I got ready and went with my aunt but first we went to go and pick up some of my cousin’s and left. When we got there we had to wait for a bit because there were people playing hockey and we had to wait until they were done playing. We waited for about five or ten minutes when we all went in.

My aunt paid for all of us so we all went in grabbed our skates put them on and went on the rink. I was the first one to go on the rink so I went around the hole thing and I was about to fall but my cousin came on and helped me up. Everyone came on the rink and were skating my brother Jacob was skating backwards so I tired and I kind of did it.

Ten minutes after that these people that worked there put on some races for us so we all lined up. First it was the girls to had to race and we had to go around the cones three times and when he said go I was going fast. I was coming last so I was trying to go fast on on our last lap I went as fast as I could and I came first “woohoo I caught up woohoo.”

So it was the boys turn to race so my brother cousin and and my other cousin jumped in the race and it was only them three because no other boys wanted to race them. So when they were racing they were pushing each other and making each other fall so the man that was reffing the game told them they only had to do one lap so they ran fast and my cousin Amu came first then my brother then My other cousin Samuel.

After all the races were done we all started playing tag and I had to be in because I was the youngest out of everyone that we playing. So I tagged my brother and he ran after my sister Selina and it was funny because I kept on crashing into people. So it was time to close so we went off my rink took our skates off gave them back and went to get a feed.

So we left the skate land place and went to McDonald and I got a chicken burger. I ate it all up and waited for my cousin’s to finish even my sister and brother so they finish so we left. As we were going back to my house I saw some of my friends going up my drive so I got out of the car and said hello to them.

After that I went to my Mum said hi and asked her if I could go with my friends and she said yes so I left. So I went to one of my friends house and she asked her Mum if I could sleep over and her Mum said yes. So I went home told my Mum packed my bag and went to my friends house.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Day When 4 Rugby Balls Got Stuck Up In A Tree (TRUE STORY)

Once upon a time, a bunch of girls had two rugby balls but didn't know what to do with them. They weren't really into rugby or touch but they did enjoy kicking the ball, so they decided to play kicks with the two rugby balls. The girls names were Shoal, Ashleigh, Rita, Brooklyn, Huelo-Ata and Vivienne. They went to the top field and started their little game. Half of them went to the left and the other half went to the right. As they played they started making up their only rules such as if someone catches it they had to do 1 push up. They were all having FUN!!!

“Lets see who can kick the ball the highest” Rita yelled out. Everyone was keen to show off their skills so they all wanted the ball. It was a bit difficult for most people but a piece of cake for like only two people. It was going all smoothly when.... “OH NOOOOO!!!”

“What’s wrong?” Vivienne and Shoal said with a confused face. They tried to see what the problem was when all of a sudden they saw everyone's eyes looking up. Vivienne’s eyes looked up and saw the problem. The good news was that they had one ball still on the ground but the bad news was.... Yep, you guessed it, the other ball was stuck in the tree. This was really bad. They knew that if they left it up there there teacher Mrs Lagitupu would notice a rugby ball missing. “Who kicked it up there?” Everyone asked.
“Sorry, that was me...” Huelo-Ata said quietly.  They tried to think of a solution to solve the problem.

They knew that they had one more rugby ball still on the ground so there answer to the problem was simple. Throw the other rugby ball up into the tree. Hopefully for them the other rugby ball will somehow fall off. Simple right? Well, you thought wrong. It was really difficult. They tried with all their might to get the ruby ball down but they failed. They were not strong enough so they decided to call a boy name Logan. Logan thought of a strategy to help those poor girls get their rugby ball down. He was given the ball, and everyone was expecting him to do something to get the ball down. He threw it up and it came back down. He kept trying and trying and believe me, his plan was not working. Suddenly... All they see is two rugby balls stuck up in the tree.

Ball after ball they finally stopped. They looked up again, and saw 4 rugby balls. Everyone didn’t know what to do. The only way was to tell Mr Malloy. “How is Mr Malloy going to get 4 rugby balls down those trees? They are Massive!!!” Brooklyn said. To Be Continued.....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Lotto Ticket (by Shoal)

Wilson grasped the lotto ticket in his hand. He walked into his home, hoping for a win. The results were set to be announced on Saturday and couldn't wait! He had a long wait though as it was only Tuesday when he got the ticket. The days had gone past so quickly and it was Friday when he decided to go for a swim.

He tucked the ticket in his jeans pocket and went for a swim in his swimming pool. He did ten laps in the pool and went to get a drink. In that time, the wind picked up and the water became more rough. " I don't care!" Wilson dived in the water, doing the backstroke up and down the pool.

The sky grew grey but he kept on swimming. The manager of the pool soon came out to tell him that there was a storm and that he needed to go home as they were closing. He gathered his belongings and went to his car.  

He was stopped by the view from the harbor bridge. He starred in awe, praying that he would win Saturdays big draw. The wind blew furiously and he held his ticket close to his chest. He loosened  his grip which was a very bad idea. the ticket was ripped out of his hand by the wind and sent him flying over the edge of the bridge. 

As he was falling, he grabbed the ticket and excepted that he was about to die. He was still foolishly holding the ticket and praying that a miracle to happen. " Please don't let my obsession over that one ticket determine my fate!" He screamed at the top of his lungs.

But to his surprise, he landed on a boat that was travelling to Rangitoto and he was safe! Wilson was so thankful and happy that he had landed on that boat. He still had the ticket in his hand though as he explained what had happened to the couple on the boat. They took him back to their home and he washed up. 

The very next day he sat in front of the t.v looking at the lotto numbers. 35, 67, 18,22 all numbers on his ticket. The last number was called and he nearly fainted. The numbers on his ticket were a match! He speed to the nearest lotto shop. Wilson was over the moon and felt like the luckiest guy in the world!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A visit from Paula Bennett

Our school usually hosts many visitors during the year. Yesterday we received a visit from the honourable Paula Bennett, Minister of Social Development. She briefly visited our class with Mr and Mrs Burt and Pat Sneddon. We were later told that she enjoyed being in our class. She was interested in what we were doing and how we used our netbooks for our learning.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Vivienne's podcast

HOORAY!!! I have finished my first podcast for this year and apparently it is the first podcast on the KPE blog for 2013 as well. My podcast is called Wolves Of The Beyond written by Kathryn Lasky. My DJ was Marvin and it was a great chance for me to work with someone I never work with. If you would like to check it out click this link My Podcast.

For those of you who don't know what a podcast is you can go to the KPE blog and view some cool podcast created by us Pt England students. If you still don't know what it is keep reading. So the first thing we do is pick a book that we know we are going to enjoy. It is better if we choose a New Zealand author but if we don't have a book written by a NZ author, we can choose any. When we finish reading the book we write a script to inform the audience what its all about. Next we choose a DJ to record it with as well as take pictures. Then we have a choice if we want to edit it by ourselves or get help from our teacher. Then we email Mrs Burt who is in charge of the KPE blog to post our podcast so the whole world can view it. This is basically how we create a podcast. For you this might sound like it is hard but we are use to trying things new. Thats how we can become the best we can be.

My goal this year for podcasting would be to win the end of the year award which is the Best Podcaster. To achieve this I have to create a podcast every term. It would be a great opportunity for me to win. This is the end of my story. I hope you have learnt something new!!! Happy Easter Everyone...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Room 21s Harlem Shake

Do you know what the Harlem Shake is? If you don’t know what the Harlem Shake is look on YouTube Many versions are to be described like a flash mob but even crazier. Harlem is one of the fifty states which represent U.S. People in Harlem are criticized to the dance named Harlem Shake because it is not the true and proper dance.

Room 21 did a Harlem Shake it was so fun when we did it. Students acting like maniacs with a lot props and costumes. We got the opportunity to make one because our principal gave a task to all of the school to make the most funniest video that they could make.

If I were to change something? I wouldn't change a thing because of how awesome the dance is. I really like the Harlem shake and wouldn't mind being in another one.

Harlem Shake is a very popular thing on YouTube. Versions of it include many unique and original ideas. These versions include Sky diving, underwater, washing machine and there was one with Barack Obama in the middle of a meeting.

by Darius

Room 21 Harlem Shake from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Term One 2013 - The year so far...

We have had a really busy term so far! Our class page will be updated shortly (someone in Room 21 please remind me!) Anyway these are some of the things that we have been up to:

* School Picnic
* Testing
* Time with Joshua Iosefo (poet)
* Softball Tournaments
* Creating movies for competitions
* Learning about being CyberSmart/The 3Ps/Pt England Way
* Learning Te Reo Maori
* Going to Tech at Tamaki College
* Fiafia practice
* Karaoke at lunchtime
* Challenging other classes for P.E.
* Having heaps of fun
* and lots more!

We will keep you this space!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Assembly Fiafia 2013

Last Friday was our second school assembly for the year. We were in for a treat as Ms Muliaumaseali'i and her students performed items to introduce the start of our practices for Fiafia (Cultural Festival) this term. The following movie was produced by Ashlee and Mele (Year 7). It includes snippets of the assembly and some of the performances. We can't wait until Fiafia night! Thank you to all the performers. They were absolutely fantastic!

Assembly Fiafia from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.