Friday, July 8, 2011

Term 2 Highlights

Man,what a term it’s been! I mean it’s been one of the hardest term’s I’ve gone through! There were so many trainings I had to attend for the schools sports teams, designing signs to go around our school, producing PENN and much more.

One of the many highlights for me this term was participating in the schools Rugby team. I really enjoy training with my mates and we are doing really well this year and are hoping that we can go all the way. So far we have won the Auckland East tournament and are heading into the Auckland champion of champions tournament this Wednesday! Another thing that was related to Rugby throughout the term was some of my friends and I making the Bill Mclaren East Auckland team. I have really enjoyed the trainings and cannot wait for the tournament to come up!

Being able to go to the annual ‘I am making movies 2’ awards at the Auckland Museum was another highlight, making the actual movie was a highlight but making the finals for best documentary is a true honour. It was a wonderful experience especially getting to listen to an awesome all men choir! They were outstanding and really set the night!

Although this term would be the term where I was challenged the most physically it was still an enjoyable one. It was an amazing experience for me, especially sports. It’s been a term that I will never forget when I go onto college.

Term 2 highlights

Term 2 has a lot of awesome highlights in it. So many things to participate in like different types of sports like soccer, rugby, netball and many more different kinds of sports. We also do a lot of learning through this past term with our netbooks.

One of my favourite highlight this term was of course the sports. Sports are a big hobby of mine. A sport I joined in the beginning of this term was soccer. This was the first time we had ever entered a soccer competition. Our coach was the awesome Rm 19 teacher Mr Harris. Our boys also entered. Another sport I joined is netball. We play netball every Tuesday and our coach is Missy. So far we are doing alright but we need more practice.

Another highlight of mine I am making movies. We had a lot of fun making the movie but sometimes it would be a lot pressure by Mrs Lagitupu yelling at us to get it done. But all that yelling paid off at the end. It paid off because when it was time to go to the awards which was held by Auckland Museum we won Best Storytelling and the Supreme Award. Our prize a digital video camera, a few USB’s and a video camera. It was a lot of fun.

My last highlight for Term 2 was Taoga Time with Mrs Nua. With her we learnt how to speak Japanese and how to pronounce the mihi in Maori. We learnt how to count and to say hello, good afternoon, and many more with Mrs Nua. Just last week Mrs Nua’s sister Mrs London came to our school to teach how to speak Japanese. She was an expert and was excellent at speaking that language. She taught us a lot of things for example things like our body part, using chop sticks and many more. Taoga Time this term was AWESOME.

This term has been an awesome term for me and can’t wait for next term.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mr Burt's korero

On Thursdays, team five have assembly in the street. Mr Burt recently came back from over seas. He talked to us about three things. First ‘Gum is Dumb’, ‘Uniform’ and Schools in over seas. He told us so much about the rich and the poor schools there.

First he talked to us about Gum. People here at our school are out of control with chewing gum. There is a good reason why that gum is not allowed here at school. The reason why is because it can get stuck to furniture and it also looks very ugly on our school grounds. It is also bad chewing gum then you swallow it because people say that if you swallow gum, it will come out eight years later.

There are many schools overseas that have no money. Some schools don’t have a music teacher or even a sport teacher. Some teachers sadly get fired because the school does not have enough money to pay them. He also told us that they have teachers that only work four days a week. Mr Burt said that we are lucky to have a music teacher, also a sports co-ordinator and that it is a privilege to have these net books and have these kinds of working tools that we use here.

Now that he has told us about schools over seas, it is an honour being here at this school and his talk also made us feel sad about the people in other countries. Now that we know we are one of the best schools in the world.

Term 2 Highlights

The holidays are nearing and the school term nearly over. I am quite sad that the term is ending because term 2 has been filled with some thrilling events and fascinating activities. Some of which were my job as being a barrister, being in the I AM Making Movies competition and playing rugby !

Being a barrister has given me some useful skills. Now, I know how to make a cappuccino, flat white, long black, short black, moccacino, and every kids chocolates ! These skills that I have developed will be very useful if, in the future, I want to become a professional barrister.

The I AM Making Movies competition was also a great experience. In this competition, we got to make our own movies. We based our movie on the history and heritage of New Zealand. It was an animation with a voice over. What was awesome about this competition, was that we won the award for “best creative storytelling” and we even won the “supreme” award ! Again, it was an awesome experience !

This term, has also been the start to our rugby season. So far, we have had about 3 games, against Bailey Road, St Josephs and Tamaki Intermediate. The total amount of the games we have won, are 1 ! Even though we haven’t won many games, we still have a chance because we have upcoming games against Viscount and Kedgley. Kedgley and Viscount are very good rugby teams, so we have to try extremely hard when we play against them !

Term 2 has had many fun things to do and join. I hope that term 3 can do the same !