Monday, August 17, 2009

Finally a post from Ms T

Kia ora koutou katoa - Hi everyone.
One thousand apologies for not posting sooner but my main focus has been to get to know the wonderful students in my new class... Room 18 of Point England school - Wooohoooo!
I can honestly say I am absolutely delighted with my whole class. I have a room full of very talented year 6 students that have wonderful attitudes towards education and learning. What more could a teacher ask for? (besides muffins and chocolate biscuits)
I am slowly getting to know my students to see what makes them tick... their interests, passions, strengths and weaknesses AND like most of them said, a lot of them have the same passions and interests as myself, so we get on like a house on fire.
This terms topic is of course 'The art in storytelling' and we are having a blast. We have pretty much focused most learning areas around myths and legends, fairy tales and folk stories - so lots of fiction and fictitious characters. Students have been writing creative 'twisted fairy tales' to produce for their I.C.T learning object, so watch this space for future posts of movies and animations. Our reading material for our reading tumble has a fiction focus also. If you know anyone in Room 18, you might want to ask them about some of the folk stories or myths we have been reading about. We have been inspired by Dr Seuss's illustrations and have based some artwork around his weird and wonderful drawings - we might have to take some photos to post as well.
All in all, we are having a ball in Room 18. I have been really impressed with the activities a lot of my students have been involved in such as; interviewing the prime minister, conferencing with Hamish Campbell, presenting (on a weekly basis) to visiting teachers and principals, being school role models during assembly and lots more.
So, to all you followers of Pt England School... I feel blessed to be working in a school that really cares about each and every person linked to the school. the children, the staff and the community. Watch this space for more updates (and yes my goal is to post regularly) Ka kite ano - Arohanui Ms T x