Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little Pink Riding Hood

Who said that Little Red Riding Hood was just red? Who said the Big Bad Wolf was even in this fairy tale ? Who said Grandma lived in a house? Who said there was no Grandpa? Well watch this movie and tell us what you think it was all about.
By Cruz, Moses and Tevita

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jack and the Brick Wall

"There are no such thing as magic beans!" roared Jack's mum.
Nearly everybody in the world knows the story of 'Jack and the beanstalk' and the nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty' but what about giving both a twist?
Watch the movie below and see what the twist is. We hope you appreciate It.
This movie was made by two year six students in Room 18.
Leoden and Sam

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey Diddle Diddle - remix!

This term we have been learning about the Art In Storytelling. As part of this Inquiry we had an eLearning project to create our very own animation of a fairy tale or nursery rhyme. Not just any nursery rhyme...
Take a look at this movie and see if you can figure out what we mean. We hope you enjoy our movie!
By Paulitia and Kezia

Detective Goldilocks

As you may know, Pt England School's topic for this term is "The Art In Storytelling". So you would probably think that we would have to create an animation of a Fairy Tale, BUT NO!
Ms Tito (our teacher) came up with an absolutely terrific idea. Instead of doing normal Fairy Tales we animated TWISTED Fairy Tales. This is one that we (Tanielu , Omni and Blessing) created. Enjoy!