Monday, April 15, 2013

About My little Nephew

Hi this is my little nephew. His name is Joseph . He was born in June 2010. When he was first was born I got told from my sister, I had tears in my eyes. On his first birthday he had a big party. My sister (Joseph's mum ect) dressed him like a gangsta. Man you should've seen him, he looked really cool. The weather was really bad, because it was pouring down with rain, but lucky my sister had the tarpaulin up and also the gazebo.

Walking under the gazebo I took notice how brilliant the decorations were set out. The main colours of the decorations  were, green, black and white. Every person that came had given an goodie bag. He was so lucky because he got given lots of presents. My mum gave $30 so I could buy Joseph a gift. I brought him three cars that cost $15.70. Then with my change, I brought him some red and black slippers. 

Before it came to this special day, his mum and dad paid some money to get a 1st key done. When it came out it looked amazing. Looking at the key I see, a gorgeous face sketched on it. When I saw the cake I was like Mmmm yummy yum yum chocolate cake my favourite. We sing Happy Birthday. After that we had a piece each. Man I shoved the cake in my mouth because it tasted fabulous.

Now looking at him he is still my gorgeous, gangsta, really cool and amazing nephew. Joseph is now 2 years old. He is a really kind person to meet. But sometime he can be a little brat. For christmas last year he brought me some new shoes and a big make-up chest. Man even though he can be a little brat and annoying I'll always respect him and love him.

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