Friday, May 22, 2009

Sam and Kalim's got talent!

During many a lunchtime you can hear Sam and Kalim singing away as we eat our lunch . We were so impressed that we asked them to record themselves for fun and add a video to show off their talents. This is their take on an old classic "I want you back" by Jackson 5 (Michael Jackson and his brothers).

Thank you to the other great students in Room 18 for agreeing to be back up singers and dancers. Tanielu did a great job as usual editing all the footage with some help from the teacher.

Hopefully we will see Sam (Semiliu) and Kalim on NZ idol in the future!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meeting House update

Hooray! Our new meeting house has finally been completed and is already in use. It looks fantastic and has created some much needed quiet space for staff and students to use.

Each of the 3 meeting rooms has a new name. If you know the names of these rooms please post a comment, especially all you Pt Englanders.

Cruz did an excellent job of putting this movie together, and Tyler was a great reporter. Leoden, Kezia and Omni also helped with this movie. Thank you Mauina from Room 17 and Mr Jacobsen for agreeing to be interviewed. Well done team.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Immersion Week

During the first week of each term, the Senior School usually have an immersion rotation. This involves each class in the senior school learning about a different aspect of the topic from each of the teachers in the senior school. Having an immersion week helps our students to gain background knowledge about the topic so that they can ask better questions.

Senior students always look forward to immersion week as they never know what the teachers have in store for them. See what these students have to say about immersion week.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Room 18 are hiring!

Hi everyone, in a few weeks time I will be leaving to go on maternity leave. That means that the fantastic Room 18 will need a new teacher to take over when I am gone.

A group of talented Year 6 students from this class decided to create an advertisement for the position. If you haven't already seen it, the movie ad is on our school website under 'Employment opportunities'. But you can view it below.

Mrs Burt tells me that we have had some amazing responses from people around the world interested in the movie. I just hope that we get an amazing teacher for this amazing class. Watch this space......!

Mrs Lagitupu.

Friday, May 1, 2009


We have an exciting new topic this term. Our new topic is called "Dino-Might!" and it's all about dinosaurs. These amazing creatures roamed the earth for over 140 million years. What did they eat? How did they live? How did they move? What colour were they? Why did they become extinct? These are some of the questions that we will be investigating this term. Maybe you can leave us a comment if you know some of the answers to any of these questions.

At the start of each new term, we have an immersion assembly where all the teachers dress up according to the theme or topic for the term. Team 4 decided to put together a movie to share for immersion. Well done to Mrs Nua, Ms Squires, Miss King and Mr Palmer for starring in it. Mrs Lagitupu was the director. We hope you like it.