Saturday, April 13, 2013

Skateland Day Today!!!! WOOHOO (by Mele)

“Mele do you want to go to
skate land”? “Yeap I want to come” “ OK go and get ready and I will be warming the car”. So I got ready and went with my aunt but first we went to go and pick up some of my cousin’s and left. When we got there we had to wait for a bit because there were people playing hockey and we had to wait until they were done playing. We waited for about five or ten minutes when we all went in.

My aunt paid for all of us so we all went in grabbed our skates put them on and went on the rink. I was the first one to go on the rink so I went around the hole thing and I was about to fall but my cousin came on and helped me up. Everyone came on the rink and were skating my brother Jacob was skating backwards so I tired and I kind of did it.

Ten minutes after that these people that worked there put on some races for us so we all lined up. First it was the girls to had to race and we had to go around the cones three times and when he said go I was going fast. I was coming last so I was trying to go fast on on our last lap I went as fast as I could and I came first “woohoo I caught up woohoo.”

So it was the boys turn to race so my brother cousin and and my other cousin jumped in the race and it was only them three because no other boys wanted to race them. So when they were racing they were pushing each other and making each other fall so the man that was reffing the game told them they only had to do one lap so they ran fast and my cousin Amu came first then my brother then My other cousin Samuel.

After all the races were done we all started playing tag and I had to be in because I was the youngest out of everyone that we playing. So I tagged my brother and he ran after my sister Selina and it was funny because I kept on crashing into people. So it was time to close so we went off my rink took our skates off gave them back and went to get a feed.

So we left the skate land place and went to McDonald and I got a chicken burger. I ate it all up and waited for my cousin’s to finish even my sister and brother so they finish so we left. As we were going back to my house I saw some of my friends going up my drive so I got out of the car and said hello to them.

After that I went to my Mum said hi and asked her if I could go with my friends and she said yes so I left. So I went to one of my friends house and she asked her Mum if I could sleep over and her Mum said yes. So I went home told my Mum packed my bag and went to my friends house.

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  1. Mele
    Thank you so much for your recount, I really enjoyed reading it, it made me smile because of your writing and I love the humour and excitment that you put into it.

    I used to be a teacher who taught in Panmure, a few years ago now, and we used to go to Skateland every year for trips, I couldn't believe that it was still operating and still going (because I thought that it had closed)so I also enjoyed reading your recount for that reason as well.

    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato,