Thursday, March 14, 2019

Visit to the eel tank with Mr Vogt

The Year 5&6 Extension group was very lucky to have visits from two eel experts Dave Cooper and Mahu (Ngati Paoa) this term. We are grateful to Mr Vogt for organising these visits as it relates to our inquiry for the term. Mr Vogt was also present for both visits to introduce our guests and to help direct student learning. The visit to our school eel tank was definitely a highlight for the Extension group.

This movie shows highlights from the Year 5&6 Extension group visit to the eel tank for the second time this term with Mr Vogt and Mahu.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Year 5&6 Camp 2019 - Camp Concert items

The Year 5&6 camp was held at school during the first week of March. Some of the activities included kayaking, games, swimming and much more. On the last night of camp the camp concert was held in the hall. Each of the 6 camp groups performed and entertained the audience. Here are their items:

Tamaiti Malosi


Tamaiti Lelei

Mali Mali Katoa



Tama FiaFia