Sunday, April 14, 2013

Assembly (by Levi)

FiaFia was the bomb because I was in it. I am the man at drumming. I was on the Electric drums, Shayne on guitar Isara on it as well and Neo and Howard. We joined in with Stan walker’s song (you gotta take it easy) and it sounded very cool. Then we ended with a big finish.

Stevenson is a Soapbox Derby Nationals contestant and we will get the report on Friday. If they win this they will go to America and I will be jealous because they will challenge other people in America. Do you want them to win??? I do.

We had junior drummers and that included me and it was amazing and everyone loved it because they were cheering. Mr Burt ask the Cook Island drummers to drum after and they were awesome. It was about two minutes and that was a pretty long time.

Thanks for reading my story.

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