Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Treaty of Waitangi

The following movie is about the Treaty of Waitangi, and is presented by the Einsteins Reading group. They had fun investigating what the Treaty was about. They learnt that it was about the 3P's of Protection, Partnership and Participation. They also learnt about some of the key people who were involved in the Treaty. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed on the 6th of February, 1840.

Included in this video are some bloopers to show our audience that filming and acting is not as easy as it looks. The students filmed this movie independently, but had help with editing. We hope you enjoy their movie.


  1. That was so cool. It was a good performance. We think the group did very well. You told us a lot more about Treaty.

    Trey and Tamara

  2. Hey Einsteins group
    Nice movie about the treaty of waitangi.The bloopers were funny too.
    Briliant movie guys.

  3. Well done Einsteins!
    You gave us a great overview of the treaty. I wonder if people from other countries will discover your movie on this blog and enjoy learning from it?
    I am looking forward to seeing more of your work this year.
    Mrs Burt

  4. hi great and funny movies you guys great keep it up room 18 woowwwwwoow

  5. That movie was amazing i canit stop watching it . Goodjob

  6. Hey guys awesome movie that was great.The bloopers were funny. You guys did a fantastic job.Hope you guys do another one soon.
    Good Luck and keep up the great work.


  7. Wow Einsteins group that movie about the treaty of waitangi is awsome. Keep up the good work with that. I am looking forward to see some more movies this year.


  8. Hi Einsteins group,
    I really enjoyed watching your guys movie, I like your costumes they were funny and creative.
    Good luck for your next movie.
    ST Pius X

  9. Well done !
    That was a good coverage of the treaty.

    Mrs She

  10. hi room 18 that was a cool movie I like the part when the maori part came and when Racheal was intervewing all of them.

  11. Hi Room18,
    what a good story about the treaty of waitangi.
    Keep it up with the hard work.
    From Rita and Turuhira.

  12. HI great movie Einsteins group i like your acting my favourite part was the bloppers nice going.

    From Tyler.R

  13. hello Einsteins Group a great movie there.I hope you create anather movie an keep your good work up.

    from Shaniah.

  14. What a great video! Well done Einstein Group. I am a teacher in Eastbourne, Wellington and my class are also studying The Treaty of Waitangi. We will watch your video as a class to help us learn more.
    Thanks! Ps.I really liked the Hone Heke actor.

    Mr Eames Room 23

  15. Hey Einsteins Group

    That movie was really interesting you guys must of really work out to find out about all of that information well done guys but keep it up and i hope you do other one See-Ya


  16. Hey Einsteins group I really liked you r bloopers the funny part waswhen blessings wig or yea something fell out of his hair i really started to crack up laughing I told casey to look but he didnt care or laugh but yea KEEP IT UP YOU REALLY DESERVE TO MAKE A MOVIE!!!???

  17. Awesome work Room21. I have just found your vid and will use it with my classroom this year. Amazing that something you made in 2009 is still being found by others!!

    Mr Overeem
    Room 7
    Maungatapere School

    1. Thank you Mr Overeem. I'm glad that you have found it useful.

      Mrs Lagitupu