Friday, November 20, 2009

What's on your mind Tiki?

When the tall Mr J passed me the mic I knew it was my turn. As much as I was nervous I was excited. I love that feeling. I was back on the stage waiting for those words .It's like time plays a game with you when you want it to slow down it speeds up. I could see my parents - that made my palms start sweating. The guitarists were in the wings waiting until it was our turn . By then I was as hot as a Ferrari's engine . Sione said those words 'Tiki whats on your mind?' I stood up, my heart beating as fast as it could. The guitarists were creeping on to the stage with their big guitars .

I turned on the mic ready to sing . Now that is a buzzy feeling . I opened my mouth and my little brother was laughing his head off. I started to sing with a smile on my face. I sang the first two lines and I was already dancing. The crowd was quiet so I thought they didn't like it. I started singing the chorus. My hips swaying, my mouth moving. I saw my dad then calmed down. That is one of those times when time plays that game with me. So I just let it slide. Before I knew it my song was slowly ending .I felt like everyone stopped.

I turned and thought seriously 'what's for dinner?' Then the crowd just let me have it they were clapping and yelling. That I will never forget. I looked at my dad and smiled he smiled back then I knew what was for dinner.

By Kalim


  1. Awesome Kalim xo choice as ..cheewho

  2. Hi Kalim. Its Aunty (Clarissa) here and everyone here in perth OZZY. We been watching the videos. well done to your whole school and to kalim. we could not be more proud, esp me!!! U are so talented and blessed but always remember its a gift from God that He's given you to bless others.
    Its amazing to see all the support and your appreciation of it Kalim, well done!!!

    We're just sad we couldn't be right there with you but we are always there. xoxox

    Its a great testimont to your great school too.
    To all your teachers and school, what an amazing school to truly fufill its purpose of teaching our children to grow into their fullest potential, to become all they were created to be. And just to see how much you love your children. If the whole world was like that, what a great place this will be. Its truly inspiring!!!!


  3. You have such a sweet voice Kalim..your mum must be sooo proud of you. So much confidence for a young person.. Awesome work Kalim. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future..

  4. Kalim what did we have for Dinner ??? Kalim you are very special to me and to everyone who knows you.I am very Proud to be your Mum.No matter what you do in your life I will always be proud of you and always be there for you.I Thank God for giving you to me.You are a great Son and you have always been there for me too.You are an awesome singer dancer.thanks to your influences tru out your life Aunty Clarissa whos been singing to u since u were born all your lessons in the room with her.My brothers Jared and Luke who showed u there moves&had the music blasting in the house everyday.Your Nana who made up her own songs for you rocked you and sang you to sleep at night.Your teachers who see your talent and encourage you to share it. Thankyou to all of you.I love you with all my heart :) Mum

  5. Hey Son,

    Congratulations on your performance. It was a great night and you did awesome... The whole production was great!!!

    Im glad we get to share you with the world and they get to see how woderfull you are =)

    Can you just stop being so wonderfull at 7am in the morning. Thank you lol


  6. Wow, what fantastic comments you've received from your whanau so far! How blessed are you! Your performances during the three nights of the Toy Shop improved every single time!
    The piece of writing you posted above I thoroughly enjoyed. You have a great writing style. To think you wrote it in test conditions too! I like the way you wrote about the mic being handed to you. Very nice touch closing with 'I knew what was for dinner'. Great work Kalim! Like your family have said, you keep it going. You're on the right track! Malo lava.
    Mrs Tele'a

  7. Hi Kalim,
    Great singing and I really liked the guitar playing too. Keep on doing good work. I wish I had seen your whole production! Who made your cool costume? Did you get to keep it?
    From Xavier.

  8. Hey Kalim I did Not know that you can see so well you have a awesome voice. Good job.


  9. Hi Kalim,
    Great singing and I really the guitar playing too. Keep singing because you are a very talented person. IT YOUR TIME TO SHINE!. I hope you have a great time in class.
    Here a some questions.
    Did you enjoy singing?
    Did you like the costume you wore?

  10. wow I like the way that Kalim was sing I hope I have a vioce like him.

  11. Good singing kalim. red suits you keep it up.

  12. Hi Kalim,
    Nice job both on stage and off - with a great piece of writing to capture and share those moments. You had me hooked from the start.
    I am looking forward to seeing you continue to strive to further develop your talents!
    Kia kaha
    Mrs Nua

  13. I so love the way you sing this song my grandson! I love this. Sooo Proud of you!!
    Love From your Number 1 Fan
    Nanna *xxOxxxOx*