Friday, November 13, 2009

Manaiakalani Film Festival

It's Thursday the 12th of November and we've just returned from watching films created by our very own teachers and students. I'm not just talking about Pt England but schools from all around our community. The hall was full of laughing, singing and dancing students as the movies were shown to us in the hour we watched. Our class had a movie too. We got to show it to our school on Friday afternoon. We've posted it here just incase you missed it. It's based on a topic that some of us have been learning about in our extension class. We hope you enjoy our movie.

Movie produced by Tanielu, Blessing, Moses and Leoden of Room 18


  1. Hi there Room 18. Well done on making your movie. I love the changing camera shots and the entertaining storyline. I like how you delivered an important message as well as a fun movie. You are all very good actors. Keep on being inclusive!
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi guys I liked your moive

    !!!!!GOOD JOB!!!!!

  3. Hi Tanielu, Blessing, Moses and Leoden,

    How cool that you guys had a film festival! That is such a great idea! Were there any criteria that your movie had to fit?

    We really enjoyed watching your movie and thought you spoke really clearly and that the camera work was well done.

    Maybe we can suggest having a film festival at our school.

    Room 13, Yendarra School