Thursday, November 19, 2009

Big Thank You from Kalim!

Hi! As you all may know my name is Kalim. I thank you for all of your comments. This has made me feel supported I feel more confident to get up on stage and perform for all of my fans. I thought that only my school would watch this movie but I was wrong . I am glad I could share that movie with you. A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!
From Kalim


  1. Hi Kalim, I have really enjoyed watching your movie myself BUT I want to tell you that when I visit other schools in our area, sometimes I have seen the kids in the other schools watching your movie too! You have lots of talent and now you have lots of fans. So it is lovely to see you acknowledging your support here. Well done.
    Mrs Burt

  2. thank you mrs b urt for your comment.

    from Kalim

  3. Hi My Kalim. I loved the way you sang and danced to Michael Jacksons song, he would be proud of you and you ripped up the Tiki Tane song! You are multi talented, you can sing, dance, act and you are an awsome entertainer who gets the crowd involved and excited. I'm not just sayn it cos I'm your nanna. Honest you are Awsome and I'm glad you have Great support from your wonderful school mates and teachers,your mum and dad and your fans and of course your biggest fan is ME!! I love you so much and I'm so proud of you my Grandson. Keep being who you are and you will go far. Love You. From No 1 Fan Nanna *xxOxxxOxx*

  4. sup gummy its uncle jared!.
    next performince v.i.p in perth my house a what you reken you to good ya
    marshall hard

  5. waddup kalim

    you the man little bro, can i borrow a hundred bux wen you get rich haha, nah shot kaim go hard out the whole famz is behind you love you heapz

    Uncle LMS

  6. Hey Kalim, I'm a university student in Mobile, Alabama, and I just came across your performance while completing an assignment of my own. Great job! That's a tough song to sing, but you rocked it. And remember, the best way to get comfortable with performing is to get out there and do it. Can't wait to see what you do next.