Friday, November 13, 2009

Pompeii with Te Papa

This morning we had another wonderful opportunity to meet with Dr Hamish Campbell and two new people. One person was Riria Hotere who has taken the place that Diana-Grace normally has and Dr Matthew. All three were great to listen to. It's amazing how much we can learn in such a short time. Matthew explained to us what life would have been like before the eruption in 79AD, how life would have been. It was interesting to learn about all the different gods the people worshipped in Pompeii. There seemed to be many. We were shown the plaster casts as well that were made when Pompeii was excavated. It's amazing to think that what stands now as the ruins of Pompeii was excavated because it was buried by the ash and rock that came from Mt Vesuvius. It was buried for 1700 years!

We were able to ask some questions throughout. The answers we received were so good - the team at Te Papa are so good at explaining things. We've posted some photos here of our VC with Te Papa. Students of Room 18 will be posting their reflections on their individual blogs soon. Some will have some short videos to share with you.

Thanks again to the team at Te Papa. We look forward to meeting with you again.


  1. Hi Room 18,
    If you look at our blog, you will see that we are actually going to Te Papa on Dec 7th. It seems you might have some great information to share with us before we go. All of Room 7 will be reading your posts but if you anything else to share with us we would love to hear it.
    Your posts are very interesting. We have never done a video conference. You guys are experts it seems. It's something we would like to set up.
    Hoping to hear from you.
    Room 7
    Media team

  2. New Zealand, hello! It's Canada calling! We are a Gr. 6 class in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, about two hours east of Toronto, Canada. We found your site on Blogger and would like to invite you to check out our blog ( Do you think we could do some collaborating? That would be cool.
    Mr. Mitchell, Gr. 6 Teacher, Harry J. Clarke Public School, Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

  3. Hi Kalim. Its Aunty (Clarissa) here and everyone here in perth OZZY. We been watching the videos. well done to your whole school and to kalim. we could not be more proud, esp me!!! U are so talented and blessed but always remember its a gift from God that He's given you to bless others.
    Its amazing to see all the support and your appreciation of it Kalim, well done!!!

    We're just sad we couldn't be right there with you but we are always there. xoxox

    Its a great testimont to your great school too.
    To all your teachers and school, what an amazing school to truly fufill its purpose of teaching our children to grow into their fullest potential, to become all they were created to be. And just to see how much you love your children. If the whole world was like that, what a great place this will be. Its truly inspiring!!!!