Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't stop me now!

Greetings to all our followers this year! Prize giving was a special evening for us. All of our whanau present were so happy and we were too! Right from the start we were singing, cheering and clapping as loud as we could! Many awards were presented, best effort, citizenship, attendance, academic, service to the school through sports players of the year. It was awesome!

We have a special movie to share with you. This is our final performance for the year the year 6 team. It is our school prize giving item. Our teacher Ms Tito taught us this very fun item. We loved being part of it - you will be able to see this in the video.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care, keep safe and well. See you in 2010!
Room 18 students


  1. Hi Kalim and the year 6 students of Pt England for 2009 - Kalim - great singing (as usual). It's been an awesome year getting to spend a lot of time with you. To Leoden, Tevita, JP, Tevita, Omni, Latu and Tonja - don't be sad because I'll see you around!
    God bless and happy holidays.

  2. Well done! Amazing video!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  3. Year 6 of 2009 well done! You have grown into good solid role models and leaders for our school. Your performance highlights your very talented group and your very good teamwork that made this item fantastic! I hope you all have a lovely break and return to school in 2010 to turn the world inside out! May the new year bring you even bigger hopes and dreams. Malo lava.
    Mrs Tele'a

  4. Year 6 that was an awesome performance. Love the dance moves . Penny

  5. year6 you are graet at dancing.kalim you are brave and graet at singing same as yous.super super really cool.

  6. HI year 6 students.

    Did'nt you think our prize giving was great? I think we did great. Hope we can do another great item for our next prize giving. See you around.

  7. Hi Room 18,
    That was a great movie at your prizegiving lastyear.
    That sounds fun I wish that I was a senior too.

    From Sela in room 10