Monday, June 8, 2009

Room 18 have HIRED!

We know that a lot of you have been waiting to hear the outcome of our search for a great teacher for Room 18.  If you have watched our advertisement here, then you will know the kind of teacher we are after. Well, we can make an announcement, here on Room 18's blog!  After way too many people ignoring our advertisement and sending Mr Burt applications on forms and paper, someone finally 'GOT us' and sent the application WE were after.  Check out Miss Tito's video....

So you can see why, when we had watched that, we all said "That's the teacher for Room 18!"  We were pretty busy on Friday with our farewell party for Mrs Lagitupu, but we took a few minutes with a camera to film some messages to Miss Tito to let her know we like her application.
Mr Burt told us today that Miss Tito will be coming to Pt England in time to start term 3 with us.  In the meantime we have Mr Jacobsen as our teacher (remember him from this movie?), so look out for some good times being posted here...
Room 18
PS. Miss Tito gave us permission to publish her video if you were wondering!


  1. Brilliant. You guys will have such a good time learning and growing together. Having watched Miss Tito's video I think you made a great choice. I bet you can't wait til next term to meet each other in person.

    Allanah K

    Appleby School


  2. Wonderful. It looks like a good match between teacher and class. Look forward to hearing your learning adventures.

  3. Congrats Ms T and Room 18 - looks like the start of a wonderful friendship

    Louisa Guest
    Nr Adelaide
    South Australia

  4. Congratulations Room 18 on your next teacher. Looks like you made a great selection! :-)

    I was a bit worried for you guys but it seems to have all fallen together nicely for you.

    I look forward to seeing your work.

  5. Great work Room 18. Unfortunately I couldn't watch Miss Tito's video - it said it was unavailable and to try again later. So I will.

  6. Congratulations Room 18! You have found a great teacher to take you on your learning path.... well done! I was so impressed with your desire to find a teacher that suited our needs and you have got what you wanted. Enjoy the rest of your year and have the coolest time.
    Miss Cording
    Room 2
    Otumoetai Intermediate School

  7. Hi Room 18 - Congratulations on your new teacher. I have had the pleasure of working with your new teacher Miss T before - I know that you are going to enjoy the exciting learning experiences she has to offer and you sound like you have many skills to teach her as well.
    Kath Corby
    Hikurangi School

  8. I hope all of you have a great time with your new teacher and have a great new start to term three

  9. Hey Room 18

    It is so cool that we are getting a new teacher. I was hoping we were going to have Miss T. She looks like she will fit in with us, I am so exited.

    Keep it up!!!


  10. Hey Rm18
    That is so awsome that you guys are responding back to Ms T. And Im glad she is our teacher.

    Rachael From rm18

  11. Room 18 - was so impressed with your advert, am so pleased you have found the right teacher for your class and I really love the messages you sent your new teacher too.
    It certainly looks like you have all got 'a good one' there and you will be able to show off your ICT skills too! Loving this blog!
    Miss C

  12. Wow Room 18, i met you several weeks ago as part of the May Apple bus tour, I am so pleased you have found a new teacher, you showed us your ad when we visited! Good luck with your elearning! My class blog is, check us out, we are from Northland like your Miss Tito!

  13. Hey Room 18:)

    I didn't know that Mrs Lagitupu was leaving but as I watched the video of the new teacher you are in for a real treat.
    I am always amazed at Point Englands computer projects and you Room 18 ought to be congratulated.
    Keep up the great work. Oh, by the way, I hope Bobbi-Grace is behaving herself or does she need a reminder hahaha!
    OOps, better get back to my class.

    Mr Nev on the 'Rock'

  14. Cool, congratulations on your new teacher she seams really cool and you made a good choice.

    Tyla rm10
    Morrinsville intermediate

  15. hi room18; that was great story and i thought that was a cool one.from levi.

  16. HI Room18 you guys are so lucky that your are getting a new teacher shes awsome at Jump JAM she has got awsome TALENT just like you guys do her actions that she does is so wonderful she looks pretty cool when she does the boys actions.I hope you guys will get along perfectly and i know that you guys are already.I am really looking foward to some new movies from you guys and your new teacher MISS TITO...

  17. Hi Rm 18,
    I love all your compliments to Miss T.I hope you be kind to Ms T.Treat her well.
    Bye for now.