Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Riverside Club Rocks!

Riverside club is held every Wednesday between 3:30 and 5:00pm throughout the school year.

Take a look at Sela’s interview with Mr Burt:

Q: When did it start?
A: Riverside club started in August 1991.

Q: How long have you been a part of it?
A: Since the day it began. It was started by me and Mrs Burt, and Mr and Mrs Liddle.

Q: Why is it called the Riverside club?
A: It’s called the Riverside club partly because I live on Riverside Avenue, but also because when the club started, it was in the Scout hall on Riverside Avenue.

Q: What gave you the idea to start the Riverside club?
A: Well we noticed that there were a lot of kids who didn’t have much to do after school, especially when there were no winter sports on. So we thought that we’d start a club that could give people fun things to do once a week after school, and that they could do camps in the holidays.

Q: Where do you get all your game ideas from?
A: Well Sela, two places really. One is from experience and friends and from reading books. I’ve acquired those games over a long, long time. The other place I get them from is, I make them up!

Sela: Thank you Mr Burt for your time.
Mr Burt: You’re very welcome.


  1. Hello

    Great movie Riverside people.
    I liked they way you asked pepole what do you like about riverside.
    I wish i was there!.

    see you later.!

  2. Hey Guys

    Taht movie is so cool im in riverside club to.I also like the games, quzzies and stories that Mr burt tells us.The food is yum too so keep it up guys

  3. Dear Riverside Club,

    It sounds like you guys have lots of my favourite part was when Jacob was blowing the tennis ball it was fast.The Food Looks YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Hi there Sela and Tanielu, I love the movie you made about the Riverside Club. As you mentioned in your interview, I was there at the very first club afternoon and my 18 year old son was a baby! I saw someone (Ashleigh) in the video whose MOTHER used to come to the Riverside club back when it was on Riverside Avenue in the Scout Hall! Wow, it has been going for a while now. And guess what I know? It is the highlight of Mr Burt's week! He doesn't even go to important meetings if they are on during the Riverside Club.
    See you on Wednesday
    Mrs Burt

  5. Man thats so cool, I wish I could come to your school one day to participate in your fun activities.

  6. Hello

    I can't wait for the next riverside and can't wait to eat all the food too.YUMMY!

  7. Great movie riverside people.

    I know what it's like at riverside because I go there every week.I have never mist a week.So keep up the good work.

  8. Hi riversiders
    I love going to riverside especially the games its awesome. I love hearing stories about the bible.The food is yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  9. Hello Riverside Club
    I liked your movie it is very cool.It sounds like you guys have lots of fun at riverside.That is a very cool place to be after school I wish I was there.

    Yr4 Extention group

  10. Hi there Riverside Club,

    That was a great movie.You sure have alot of fun at riverside.You play alot of games and you have a afternoon snak.I have been to riverside before and we played alot of games too like dodge ball and we also talk about God,Jesus too.It is so fun at riverside.

    From Shaniah.

  11. Hi Guys
    I like your movie my bro and I
    like how yous interview people about sam bye bye.

  12. HEIIO Riverside people I like the way you made the movie.

    See you later


  13. Hi
    I liked how you guys speak clearly.
    My favourite game is Midnight Resuce and Dogeball.I like quiz because we get to get lollies.
    By Turuhira

  14. Hi guys,
    That is a good reason why you do not come home early. I bet you Darius you would be a good presenter wen you grow up. I hope it will go on forever. Bye for now guys.
    From RITA!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hi every wednesday we go to riverside. I really like going to Riverside too.

    Heremaia from riverside

  16. Great movie Riverside my favourite part was when Jacob was blowing the tennis ball. The food looks YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye from Carlos.

  17. Hi there Room 18. Riverside sure looks like a lot of fun. I liked listening to all the things you like about Riverside. It's great that weekly you get treated to a fun filled afternoon, even with afternoon tea and a korero from Mr Burt. When I was a child I had to hang out for school holidays to be involved in a club similar to Riverside. I hope you all get a chance to say thanks to Mr Burt, Mrs Lagitupu, Miss Va'afusuaga, Peni and all the other helpers.
    Mrs Tele'a

  18. "Hello Riverside People,"

    "I love you're movie about Riverside. I'm sorry i wasn't there i was at the philipines with my dad & my family" Raenan

  19. Hi Riversiders.
    I enjoy river side to.I enjoy the games too.The best game I like is midnight rescue because I like runing around the hall.

  20. wow Riverside club,what a rocking movie.
    All the best thankes to Beni Peleti and Mr Burt. So Im never missing a week.

  21. Hi Riverside people
    I liked the part when that girl blocked her ears that was funny From Antonio

  22. HEY guys since I am a Riversieder my self I really liked your movie about the riverside club I hope that one day I will make a blog and put some photos on it....

    Thanks for sharing you movie!!!!