Tuesday, June 2, 2009

C.R.E. with Mrs Clarke

C.R.E. stands for Christian Religious Education. Mrs Clarke teaches C.R.E. to the Senior School for half an hour every Friday from Term 2 to Term 4.

Every lesson is about a story from the bible. We always learn something important from the lessons such as a moral of the story, or a message about how we can become better Christians.

We really appreciate Mrs Clarke for teaching us more about the bible.
Well done to Sela, Cruz and the team for putting this clip together.


  1. Hey C.R.E People

    that movie you made is pretty cool and those questions were some cool questions keep it up cant wait until the next one


  2. Hey Room18
    That was an cool movie you guys made. It must be cool having C.R.E

  3. Hi C.R.E group,

    That was a very nice movie and i leart alot about God and Jesus.I also liked that song that was great i hope i can learn more at C.R.E.It is very intersting.

    Well done what a cool movie.

    From Shaniah.

  4. Great interview and movie CRE people. I like the way you planned and edited this piece - you told your story well. I think Mrs Clarke is not only a great CRE teacher, but she is very good at speaking to the camera too!
    Mrs Burt

  5. Room 18 you are very fortunate to have a rocking C.R.E teacher like Mrs Clarke! I liked the way you showed us one of the C.R.E lessons, told us what you liked and then let Mrs Clarke speak. I wonder if "What Now" wants some new presenters because you guys would do an excellent job.

    Keep rocking Room 18 :+)

  6. Hi
    What a wonderful oppertunity to ask qestions like that. I hope you have fun this coming Friday. Well your lucky because you got it on Fiday also you got it in the hall but we have it in the class room witch means that is a treat for you guys.
    Rita Extension

  7. Hi Room 18,

    I really liked seeing the clip you made about me and CRE - well done! You did a really good job of editing all the footage. The kids who interviewed me were very professional. I was feeling a bit nervous but you were all kind and helpful.
    See you on Friday!
    Love, Mrs Clarke

  8. Hey C.R.E people

    that was are cool movie I hope you learn more
    about JESUS and God.

    BY Oshania

  9. Wow you people did find out lots about CRE and Mrs Clark i did not know that Mrs Clark teached CRE for 14 years that is a big wow from me im glad that you put this movie on your blog.Well done Sela and Cruz for putting that toghethere for us.

    Goodjop Etta Room17