Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Building at Pt England

Have you noticed the new building here at Pt England School? Well, Gates reading group decided to investigate what the new building was going to be. Leoden interviewed Mr Jacobsen and found out the answers to some of our questions. We can't wait to see the new building completed!

Tanielu did a great job with the videography and Leoden was a fantastic interviewer. Cruz edited this movie with some help from Mrs Lagitupu. Sela took some great photos, and Paulitia and Kezia provided the script. Well done guys!


  1. Hey Gate group

    That was a pretty interesting movie. I liked how Mr Jacobsen was explaining how the building was being made and how much it was going to cost.


  2. Cool movie Gates group.

    I liked the overall quality of this movie. You used a tripod to get some good footage. You also asked Mr Jacobsen some great questions. Good effort with the editing Cruz. Well done.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  3. Hey gates group
    Yous guys did an awsome job .The song suites the movie as well.

  4. Hi Gate Group,

    That was a great movie. I was interested to know about the building that is happening at your school, as I'm a teacher who often visits your school. I liked your interview questions, and how your movie was put together.

    Keep up the great effort,

    From Miss Paton

  5. Awesome!!! I loved it Gates. Both entertaining and informative. Thank you for finding all that important information for us.

    I think that all the students and staff at Point England need to see this. I will help spread the word about the great movie you've just made.

    I will definately be making a slot for this to feature on School TV soon.

    Well done team. Keep the great work. Mrs Lagitupu must be very happy with the progress you are making with interviewing, script writing, videography and editing.

    Malo lava

    Mrs Tele'a

  6. That was a great team effort people. It was easy to see what a good job Leoden did, but reading about the other people in the crew made me very proud to see what a polished job you all have done to create this movie.
    It was very interesting to find out about the building and now I am making plans to hold some meetings in there in term 2 since you have told me it will be finished in time.
    And great sound track team
    Keep them coming
    Mrs Burt

  7. Hi Gates Group

    WOW! That was an amazing movie. Nice interviewing Leoden and we also liked the editing of the movie. I think you chose a great song.

    From Destiney and Kezia

  8. You continue to amaze me! Great movie and very well put together! You thought of everything, from the questions to the footage - even right down to the choice of song!

    Keep up the awesome work and continue to make us proud!

  9. That was a very professional production. It was as good as any local television news story we have where I live. I am very impressed Leoden's screen presence. Leoden, you have a real future in broadcasting.

    The interview of Mr. Jacobsen was very professional with excellent questions. I am very impressed.
    Mr. C

  10. Dear Gate Group,
    I'm really glad we are getting new rooms at our school. We have been really short of spaces for extra activities for ages. I liked the direct questions and clear answers given in the interview.
    Very informative. Well done Gates.
    Love from Mrs Jarman

  11. WOW!!! Gates group

    You done a really good job at making that movie and that bobthe builder song match with that movie really good keep it up Bye