Friday, March 27, 2009

Trey Holiday recount

Even though Trey is new to our school, he has really enjoyed e-learning. He quickly caught on to using the applications, and was able to create this movie within the time given. Check out the cool graphics. Well done Trey! We look forward to seeing more of your movies.


  1. Hi Trey,

    Did you use HyperStudio 5 to create the wonderful graphics for this movie? I really enjoyed watching the movie. Actually, I watched it several times. Keep up the creative work!

    Deb Barrows, in Maine, USA

  2. Hi Trey

    Waitangi Day looks intersting.Well done with your drawing it looks nice.

    From Tamara.

  3. Hello Ms Barrows
    Yes I did use HyperStudio 5.I'm glad you enjoyed watching my movie. Thank you for leaving a comment.

    From Trey.

  4. Hi Trey,

    You are welcome! I am looking forward to seeing your next creation!

    Good luck,


  5. Awesome Trey

    I like how you drawed your waka. Waitangi day looks intresting.

  6. Hi Trey,
    good on you for completing your holiday recount movie.I really enjoy your movie, It was really cool. Keep up the good work at school .

    From Tevita

  7. WOW !!! Trey

    That animation was really detailed you are really good at drawing on the computer Good Luck

  8. Hey Trey
    Cool amimation of your holday recount you really did a good job.I really liked your waka.

  9. I really liked watching your movie. It had very cool drawings. Did you draw the pictures?

    Taverio room 15 T.I.S