Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Language of Success

At Pt England School we have been learning about the language of success. This means that we need to be able to speak and write in English using the correct form for the occasion. We will know how and when to speak and write in the 'formal register', and have a vocabulary wide enough to help us choose words that will help our audience understand our message.

In this movie, the members of Gates reading group present scenarios where the language of success may be used. We also showcase some of our class holiday recounts, and Kalim and Semiliu do a wonderful job singing acapella for our soundtrack.


  1. That singing was good Kalim and Sam and nice acting too Gates group. That movie about the Language of success really told me what it really means.
    Thanks for helping out. Nice camera

    From Cruz.

  2. Nice singing Kalim and sam.I ike the movie Gates group. It tells us alot about the language of success. I also like the animations.

    Bobbi Grace

  3. I really enjoyed your movie Room 18. It is great to see that you know what the Language of Success means at our school. Great camera work too and animations, you are all very clever. Keep the great work coming.

    Miss Lavakula and Room 10

  4. Hi rm18
    I loved your song. Also I loved your elearing animations. We have to speak the language of succes too, it takes a lot of time to learn.

  5. Wow, you rock Gates group! The message was crystal clear and I thoroughly enjoyed the animations and singing.

    Am proud to be associated with Pt England and hope you are SO very proud of yourselves too!!!

    Manuia le aso.

  6. Hey Room 18

    Your movie is fantastic.
    We really liked it.
    Kalim and Sam were really good at singing that song that is my favourite song.

    From Mubasshira and Sylvia

  7. Hey Kalim and Sam
    outstanding work. Nice singing and nice movie Gates group.

  8. Hi Gates group you gyus really showed me how to use the language of success. That movie you gyus made was awesome. I liked your sining Kalim and Sam.

    From Tevita

  9. That movie was so cool Gates Group and I loved Your Singing Kalim and Sam.You relly Show us how to use the language of success.

    From Moses

  10. WOW Kalim and Sam i liked you singing and i liked your movie Gates group you reall have talent.

    from Shaniah

  11. That was such a cool movie! I watched that on PENN and I watched again just now. You are indeed learning the language os Success.

    Mrs She @ Room 5

  12. Man that movie was AWESOME!! Goodacting gates group and very good anamations. I LOVE the singing Kalim and Sam you guys have fantastic voices keep up the good work room18!!

    From Tanielu

  13. hey gates group. i realy like your movie and WOW kaylim and sam i liked your guys singing it was fantastic.

    from victoria

  14. WOW ROOM 18 you guys have some really good singers in your class room you guys ROCK!!!

  15. well done gates that really told me alot about the language of succees. In our class we do not say GONNA because thats not using the language of succes

    from ngaina m r 17