Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moses Holiday Recount

In this movie, Moses briefly tells us about what he got up to in the holidays. Each of the Senior school classes were assigned a task, which was to create a movie about one thing they did in the holidays.

The graphics were created in Hyperstudio 5, and then the images were exported as jpegs into i-movie. A voice over was included to explain what the graphics were about, and then a soundtrack was added to some movies if there was enough time. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some of the completed holiday recounts from our class. We would love to hear about what YOU got up to in the holidays!


  1. Hi Moses,

    I'm writing to you from Maine, USA! You did a great job creating this movie about your Holiday. How long have you been using HyperStudio 5? Your pictures are incredible. I hope you post more movies that you create.

    Best wishes,

    Deb Barrows

  2. Awesome Moses

    Did you use Hyperstudio 5? Because your pictures look incredible i wish i could draw like you.

  3. Hey Moses

    That one was really cool to watch those two big bowl's of popcorn sound really fulling

  4. Hi Moses,

    I like your movie and animation.You must have had fun at the movie's. I hope you have a great day and keep up the good drawing.

    From Shaniah.

  5. Hi moses I like your animation it looks like it really look's like your really at the movies.

    keep up the good work moses.
    by jordan.p
    rm 17

  6. Hi Moses

    It must of been cool at the movies.
    You must of had a good time on boxing day.

    from Trey

  7. Hi Deborah

    We have been useing hyperstudio 5 for about ten weeks.

    From Moses

  8. Great Moses i really like your work that you have been doing.Great movie.

    Keep it up.

  9. well done! moses i really like looking at your movie it pretty looks like you had a great time at the movies .keep it up.

  10. I really love watching your movie because it makes me want to watch it

    Great work

  11. I was happy to find your movie here. I thought you'd like to know that in the next release of the software, you'll be able to make the animations into movies and add your narration all within HyperStudio! I'm working to make it even better for you! Thanks for sharing your work with the world!