Friday, July 8, 2011

Term 2 Highlights

Man,what a term it’s been! I mean it’s been one of the hardest term’s I’ve gone through! There were so many trainings I had to attend for the schools sports teams, designing signs to go around our school, producing PENN and much more.

One of the many highlights for me this term was participating in the schools Rugby team. I really enjoy training with my mates and we are doing really well this year and are hoping that we can go all the way. So far we have won the Auckland East tournament and are heading into the Auckland champion of champions tournament this Wednesday! Another thing that was related to Rugby throughout the term was some of my friends and I making the Bill Mclaren East Auckland team. I have really enjoyed the trainings and cannot wait for the tournament to come up!

Being able to go to the annual ‘I am making movies 2’ awards at the Auckland Museum was another highlight, making the actual movie was a highlight but making the finals for best documentary is a true honour. It was a wonderful experience especially getting to listen to an awesome all men choir! They were outstanding and really set the night!

Although this term would be the term where I was challenged the most physically it was still an enjoyable one. It was an amazing experience for me, especially sports. It’s been a term that I will never forget when I go onto college.


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