Friday, July 8, 2011

Term 2 highlights

Term 2 has a lot of awesome highlights in it. So many things to participate in like different types of sports like soccer, rugby, netball and many more different kinds of sports. We also do a lot of learning through this past term with our netbooks.

One of my favourite highlight this term was of course the sports. Sports are a big hobby of mine. A sport I joined in the beginning of this term was soccer. This was the first time we had ever entered a soccer competition. Our coach was the awesome Rm 19 teacher Mr Harris. Our boys also entered. Another sport I joined is netball. We play netball every Tuesday and our coach is Missy. So far we are doing alright but we need more practice.

Another highlight of mine I am making movies. We had a lot of fun making the movie but sometimes it would be a lot pressure by Mrs Lagitupu yelling at us to get it done. But all that yelling paid off at the end. It paid off because when it was time to go to the awards which was held by Auckland Museum we won Best Storytelling and the Supreme Award. Our prize a digital video camera, a few USB’s and a video camera. It was a lot of fun.

My last highlight for Term 2 was Taoga Time with Mrs Nua. With her we learnt how to speak Japanese and how to pronounce the mihi in Maori. We learnt how to count and to say hello, good afternoon, and many more with Mrs Nua. Just last week Mrs Nua’s sister Mrs London came to our school to teach how to speak Japanese. She was an expert and was excellent at speaking that language. She taught us a lot of things for example things like our body part, using chop sticks and many more. Taoga Time this term was AWESOME.

This term has been an awesome term for me and can’t wait for next term.

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