Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mr Burt's korero

On Thursdays, team five have assembly in the street. Mr Burt recently came back from over seas. He talked to us about three things. First ‘Gum is Dumb’, ‘Uniform’ and Schools in over seas. He told us so much about the rich and the poor schools there.

First he talked to us about Gum. People here at our school are out of control with chewing gum. There is a good reason why that gum is not allowed here at school. The reason why is because it can get stuck to furniture and it also looks very ugly on our school grounds. It is also bad chewing gum then you swallow it because people say that if you swallow gum, it will come out eight years later.

There are many schools overseas that have no money. Some schools don’t have a music teacher or even a sport teacher. Some teachers sadly get fired because the school does not have enough money to pay them. He also told us that they have teachers that only work four days a week. Mr Burt said that we are lucky to have a music teacher, also a sports co-ordinator and that it is a privilege to have these net books and have these kinds of working tools that we use here.

Now that he has told us about schools over seas, it is an honour being here at this school and his talk also made us feel sad about the people in other countries. Now that we know we are one of the best schools in the world.

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