Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meeting House update

Hooray! Our new meeting house has finally been completed and is already in use. It looks fantastic and has created some much needed quiet space for staff and students to use.

Each of the 3 meeting rooms has a new name. If you know the names of these rooms please post a comment, especially all you Pt Englanders.

Cruz did an excellent job of putting this movie together, and Tyler was a great reporter. Leoden, Kezia and Omni also helped with this movie. Thank you Mauina from Room 17 and Mr Jacobsen for agreeing to be interviewed. Well done team.


  1. Hi the meeting crew
    Cool movie!!!!I think that the meeting house is a cool.I think that
    the names for the meeting house is
    prety cool too.

  2. Hi guys

    Cool movie. I liked how Tyler pulled Mauina into the meeting room. I know that one of the names is Tusitala.

    Room 18

  3. Cool movie. I liked the interview with Mr J and I like how the meeting house was built.


  4. It is a fantastic room. I enjoyed using it for our Writing meeting a few weeks ago.Look forward to seeing some art on the walls.

  5. Hello Guys!

    Cool movie I like how the
    way you interview Mr jacobsen
    That was an allsome Job Keep it up!!

  6. Hi the meeting crew
    COOL MOVIE!!!!!
    I think that it is a really cool job the buliders have done it makes our school look really cool.

  7. Hey Meeting Crew

    Well done on that movie guys I reckon it is a cool building for all of the school to use keep it up

  8. Well done Tyler
    I liked your acting & thought the way you grabbed Mauina was pretty funny.
    I think that you did a good job as an interviewer.
    Watch out John Campbell!

  9. Hey meeting crew
    i reconed that was worth the money
    but why did you kidnap my friend.
    By the way it dose take up space.
    Nice hair i wish i had a hair like that.