Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Immersion Week

During the first week of each term, the Senior School usually have an immersion rotation. This involves each class in the senior school learning about a different aspect of the topic from each of the teachers in the senior school. Having an immersion week helps our students to gain background knowledge about the topic so that they can ask better questions.

Senior students always look forward to immersion week as they never know what the teachers have in store for them. See what these students have to say about immersion week.


  1. Hey Guys!!!!!
    That was a cool movie you sure learn heaps.

  2. Hey Guys!!!

    That was a great movie.You really know lot's about dinosaur's.I hope you can make another movie.

    From Shaniah

  3. Hi Room 18,

    You did a great job on your dinosaur work. You spoke clearly and the drawings of your dinosaurs looked real. Last term we studied the Triceratops and got to paint them.

    From Room 3.

  4. Hi guys. you sure lerant alot about dinosaurs. You did some cool amamation. i hope that you can make another cool movie.


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  6. Dear room 18 point England School
    Hi my name is Anna and my school has a blog too, it is called East Dragon Den and it is kind of like yours so maybe you could come and see what it looks like.

    Anna at East Dragon Den