Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The 3P's by Iisa

Do you know the 3 P’s? In case you don’t know, I’ll tell you. They are Protection, Partnership, and Participation. This relates to the Treaty of Waitangi, and we use this at school. This is what the 3 P’s mean.

PROTECTION: Caring, looking after gear, being Cybersmart, stopping fights, looking after your netbook, and people if they get hurt. If people are harassing someone else, and you come in and defend them, then you’re protecting them. That’s another example of protection.

PARTNERSHIP: Being a real good team member, teamwork, unity, and much more. Our school’s Meet The Teacher and Home-school Partnership also have to do with partnership. It’s when the parents and teachers get up to date with the things happening at school.

PARTICIPATION: Our final P: Participation. It means giving everything a go, joining in, volunteering, and trying out for things, like sports teams, and fiafia groups. I may not know all the definitions of participation, but I know that it is the act of taking part or sharing in something.

And those are the 3 P’s, and what they mean.

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