Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mr Webb and Room One by Sela

So far this year a Class from Taranaki New Zealand, has been leaving feedback on My Blog. I thought it was great seeing kids around the country Reading MY Posts. When I heard about this class they sounded cool and Amazing. I think this is their first year having their Individual Blogs. 

It was a that was taught by Mr Webb and Room One. From Auroa School. They seem to like Reading my posts. This class sounds REALLY cool. Mr Webb has been reading Blogs all around and spotted mine and my Friends. We Both felt REALLY Special. So THANKS Mr Webb and Room One. Keep Striving to Succeed. So YOU should visit their Blog.

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  1. Sela

    Thank you for the wonderful comment and kind words. Yes our students have only started their own individual blogs this year, so it is the first time that they have created them. We were looking for some models of great learning to show them, which is why we used Point England School blogs. We were looking for blogs that were posting during the holidays and thats something that you had been doing and our students love your site. They have used it as inspiration for their own sites.

    Many years ago I used to teach at a school near Point England School, which is now closed, so I was lucky enough to see some of the work that Mrs Burt had done and know the area where your school is. Our students live in a very rural area that has only about 200 people living in it and our students get bussed into school each day, so how we live here is quite different.

    Its wonderful that you have been able to teach our students so much about blogging and will continue to watch and see your work and use it to inspire us and our learning.

    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki,