Wednesday, November 9, 2011


In the following movie a team of scientists travel into the past and future to see how we can make changes to help save our planet. It screened today at the Manaiakalani Film Festival at Hoyts cinemas in Sylvia Park.

Pollution is a major threat to the sustainability of our planet. With each passing day, the air we breathe and the water we drink becomes adversely affected because of the amount of pollution that is produced and released into the environment. One way that we can prevent this is by reducing, reusing and recycling.

EnviroTravel from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Rm 21
    This movie was really educational and also was very interesting. I reckon that this is the best movie you guys made in this year.

  2. Hi Extension group,

    I think your movie was really funny, especially when Nathaniel was talking. It looked so funny. I think that this was one of your guys best movie through out the year. Keep up the good work.

  3. What an awesome video. I loved the 'storyline with a message' and great acting. I want to know when part 2 is hitting the screens!
    Mr Fletcher

  4. Kia Ora Room 21,
    Your movie was fantastic. Your all did a great job with the acting and special effects. My favourite part is when the girls had to "get ready" and try trick the guards at the gate. You're all very clever. I look forward to seeing more of your movies. Well done.

    From Miss Lavakula

  5. Thank you Miss Lavakula for explaining the 'get ready'scenario as i did not 'get' it!!! i enjoyed watching the movie anyway and great to see the message of preserving our environment done in a fun and humorous way!

    Sela's Mum

  6. Hi room21,

    Wow! It is so cool to make a movie like EnviroTravel. I've never seen such a movie that is so amzing like that. Are you going to make a movie like that nezt year when it's film festivle? I loved the movie, and what you were talking about.

    From Iron

  7. WOW ROOM 21!!!
    It is so funny when the girls whipped your hair, it was my favourite part!!! This movie is funny but this movie also tells us about environment which is good!!! Was it embarrassing when you whipped your hair? Keep it up!!


  8. I think your movie is cooler then the other movies.How did you make the face silver.

  9. Hi Room 21,

    You have an amazing movie!! I like how the girls flipped their hair. You guys are an awesome actors.Would you like to be a scientist when you grow up?

  10. Amazing movie Room 21. Very high tech. It was like watching Charlie's Angels.

  11. hi guys
    i loved your movie it looked really cool on the big screen
    you have got lots of talented actors in your class especially from you paulitia.

  12. Hi room 21 at Pt England Sch,
    I really liked your movie you guys made. It was really good to have some scientific stuff in the movie. Keep it up!!

  13. hi room 21 at point england i just wanted to say how amazing your guys movie was i loved it specially when you girls fliped your guys hair back and listening the boys saying WOWWWW!!! it was just great loved the way you guys filmed it and really great ideas keep up the good work and hey you guys made point England happy and proud

  14. one more thing how long did it take you to film that movie and who was the one that came up with all the ideas the most and who was the one that brought all the things that were made as the back ground???

  15. Hi rm 21,
    past, present and fetcher can you really go there? I sure wish I can. But I can't. Any way Great movie so cool. In fact, you guys should be real news reporters.

    From Jouan

  16. Great work guys,
    Love the awesome acting and editing. Also congrats to Paulitia for the awesome doco about how we learn using technology and GREAT how you made it onto the news to close it off awesome work.

  17. Hi room 21.

    WOW!!! I sure wish we can go to the past. You guys did dome awesome acting. Keep up the good work.


  18. Hi Room 21 nice movie good actor Nathaniel. I really like how you got the back round to match the movie.

    Amazing movie.

    By Marven

  19. hi room 21 . I liked how you went inside. Good work.

  20. Hi room 21 nice work on doing your movie.It was so cool when I saw you guys in the future in 2061.I liked the bit when Nathaniel on your cool watch.

  21. Hi room 21 I like the movie you put up for your blog post.
    I like how the girls wave their hair to get past those guards.
    I like the shine of the robot scientist.