Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rugby World Cup Finals

Sitting at the end of my chair waiting nervously for the game to start not knowing if the Mighty All Blacks would take it out in the end or having a major upset against the fearsome team France.

As Richie Macaw and Thierry Dusautoir (captains of France and All Blacks) led their teams out of the holding rooms and into the end of the tunnel where they would experience the last 80min of the Rugby World Cup and battle out in the final for that William Webb Ellis cup. Lining up together you could see the determination of both teams eagerly wanting to win that cup and take it out to make their country proud. Soon as both teams came out the camera went straight to the crowd, you could see a sea of white and black backing up the All Blacks. Excitement was really in the air.

After the National anthem both teams ran out onto the field as the All Blacks were getting ready to perform the Haka. The Haka was led by Piri Weepu the scrum-half. The All Blacks performed the haka with pride and dignity. But the french weren’t afraid to put up a good battle.

The whistle blew and Piri Weepu kicked off to the french. That’s when I knew that the game was going to be really intense. Seconds after seconds then minutes after minutes nobody was scoring. I guess my parents finally knew I was quite not together with me screaming and yelling at the T.V yelling “pass the ball or are you serious reff” I guess I couldn’t help it. Finally the All Blacks tried. An outstanding try by Tony Woodcock. It was amazing. In the second half France scored by that wasn’t enough for them to win the Webb Ellis Cup and take it out.

Richie McCaw led his team to victory and was very proud of his boys. They made history. It has been 24 years since the Rugby World Cup has been to New Zealand and 24 years since they have won it.


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