Sunday, June 26, 2011

Talk about it!

When you're feeling sad or angry, talk about it! Here's a movie produced by a keen team of actors of students and teachers from Pt England School. This movie was part of our korero this week during assembly. You will also hear part of a song composed and sung by Mr Max Jacobsen.

Talk About It from SchoolTV on Vimeo.


  1. Hi room 21
    cool movie about talking about it and dont just be mad keep the great work up.

  2. Hi room 21, That was an awesome movie you guys created. Hope I get to see more movies that are as god as this one. Tino pai to mahi. Keep up the good work team.

    From Tyla-Marie Rm14

  3. Hi room 21 I really like what you did and you talk about good work room 21 your right room 21 we can talk about it some people in it were funny good work keep it up.from anthony

  4. Hey room 21
    You got some really good actors there.I really like the song in the background and my favorite part about it was when it had the chorus.keep up the good work.

  5. Wow Room 21! You guys are a talented group of students! Including you Nathaniel!!! I was angry at my friend once, but then I talked about with my mum. I hope I can see some more of your guys inspirational movies! I hope that you guys can visit my blog whenever you can! Keep up the AWESOME work!

    From Jonita,Rm14

  6. Hi room 21 I really like your movie about talk about you student are really good.Keep it up

  7. Hi 21,

    I LOVE your movie you guys have made its amazing, my class have made a talk about it movie as well. Hope yous had fun making it.

    From Kashya

  8. Hey Room 21,

    Love it! Great movie you guys I remember when I'm sad I'll Talk About It too. It looked like you had a fantastic time making this movie, keep it up room 21 you guys are a fantastic movie makers. Have you ever remembered to Talk About It when your sad?

    From Sela

  9. wow hi im elizabeth im in room ten i like your movie