Friday, September 18, 2009

Jack and the Brick Wall

"There are no such thing as magic beans!" roared Jack's mum.
Nearly everybody in the world knows the story of 'Jack and the beanstalk' and the nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty' but what about giving both a twist?
Watch the movie below and see what the twist is. We hope you appreciate It.
This movie was made by two year six students in Room 18.
Leoden and Sam


  1. Loved it boys! Quite a few twists in this tale! I like how you used good expression in your storytelling voices. Your choice of music and sound effects was bang on - really helped to set the scene and tell your story. Maybe you could record the voiceover one more time - this way it could be a little clearer and your audience wouldn't miss out anything. Great work Semiliu and Leoden. I had a good laugh!
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. hey that was really cool and funny i really enjoyed that voicethread as well

  3. I had always wondered what had happened to Humpty Dumpty and now I know! Thanks Semiliu and Leoden for clearing that up for me. A great story that grabbed my attention right from the start. One question: will Hungry Jacks be opening a branch in GI any time soon? All that talk of omelettes has made me hungry.
    Mr J (the shorter)

  4. Hi Leoden and Sam,
    I liked listening to your story about jJck and the brick wall it was awsome and it was sort of like a remix

    From Lukis

  5. Wow, that was pretty good Sam & Leoden! I loved the humour and especially enjoyed the sound effects and animations. Those magic beans flying out the window and the thumping of Humpty's muscley leg was awesome! (gave me abit of a fright actually)

    How long did it take you to complete the whole movie? I would imagine there would be a storyboard, a script, the animations, the voiceover, organising the sound effects and also the songs you chose.....did I miss anything? That sounds like ALOT of work!

    Job well done boys, your perseverance has paid off!


  6. Hi Leoden,and Sam . I liked your Jack and the bean stok. And your veoic over and sing so bay.

  7. Wow that was supertasticly cool well done we hope you make another movie well done

  8. Sup Leoden, Sam that was a cool movie i like how you drew the humpty dumty

  9. Hi boys! I loved the movie. The graphics, animations and voice-overs were so cool. I could tell that an awful lot of thought and hard-work had been spent putting this movie together. What a funny ending. Well done to the both of you!
    Mrs Lagitupu

    (p.s. I saw the production on Friday. Well done G.I. Joe and guitar/rat/recorder guy!)