Thursday, September 17, 2009

Detective Goldilocks

As you may know, Pt England School's topic for this term is "The Art In Storytelling". So you would probably think that we would have to create an animation of a Fairy Tale, BUT NO!
Ms Tito (our teacher) came up with an absolutely terrific idea. Instead of doing normal Fairy Tales we animated TWISTED Fairy Tales. This is one that we (Tanielu , Omni and Blessing) created. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks, Tanielu, Omni and Blessing - Loved the twists, the engaging accent (very effective in a storyteller), the mystery music LOL and the animation:)(Goldilock's walk was cleverly done). Also thought bringing in parts of other Fairy Tales in the twists was a good idea.
    As a story reader I was wondering ... why did the Bears get bear-napped at the start ? Is that the kind of work Little Red usually got up to - or did she have a cunning plan to steal something else? Maybe you could draw up her dastardly plans and post them in here as well. ;-)