Friday, February 13, 2009

Meet Room 18!

Welcome to our class blog! The following movie was put together by a group of students in our class to introduce Room 18. First they had to brainstorm their ideas, write a script, prepare a storyboard and then conference with their teacher. Once this was completed, they began filming and editing their movie independently. We hope you enjoy watching their movie. Please feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Hi Room 18,
    What a great movie to kickstart the year. You're all great year 6's. I'm glad you talked about being responsible. I wish I was going to camp as well.

    Miss Lavakula

  2. Wow!! What an awesome way to introduce your class! I really enjoyed watching that Room 18! Did you really have no help from your teacher editing?

    I like the way you explained what the Pt England Way is through your interviews.

    I think that this is a great start to the year, I can't wait to see what you will post next.

    Keep up the great work Room 18.

    Malo lava

    Mrs Tele'a

  3. Hi there Gates,
    Great to see you have been practising up your movie making skills. What a lot you have been up to and it is only the end of week two!! Very impressive. You have done a really good job with your movie. I can't wait to see some of the rest of room 18 will be sharing with us. Especially my old room 15ers. We have been seeing some sneak previews of a strange looking man in black with a moustache out of our window so we can't wait to see that movie. (Ay Omni!!)
    Kep up the fantastic work Room 18

  4. Hey Gates group

    Well done on competing your first task as a group! Mission accomplished!

    I think you all worked well as a team and I was impressed with the end product considering that you filmed and edited the movie without any help from the teacher. I hope you remember to thank the teachers who were alot quicker than me at leaving a comment. Thank you teachers!

    I look forward to watching your next movie! Keep up the good work.

    Mrs Lagitupu.

  5. Hello Room18,
    We thought that was a great movie showing us why it is important to look after the class. We really miss your class and room17 aswell.
    All the best for your next movie.
    From Simone,Brennah and Hifo

  6. Way to go Gates!
    What an awesome first up effort setting the bar high for the Year 6's.
    Can't wait to see the next one, very impressive!

    Mrs Nua

  7. Hey gates group
    well done cool intro for room18 blog.
    Great start to the term guys.I hope you do another movie next term.

  8. well done you guys keep it up
    that was relly awesome

  9. hi guys that was great awesome movie .

    keep it up guys yo will become experts. That was a cool way to introduce you and your class well done

  10. hi guys that was a great awesome movie .

    keep it up guys you will become experts. That was a cool way to introduce you and your class well done

  11. WOW that was awsome.Goodjob and keep up the goodjob.

  12. Hi room 18,
    that was a very cool movie about the Pt. England way.We hope you make another great movie for us to look at.Keep up the great work.

    Litia and Ashleigh

  13. Hi Gates group,
    Cool work Paulitia and Tanielu.You guys are really good at speaking in front of the camera.Hope to see another post soon.


  14. WOW, that was the best movie iv seen i hope you make anather movie have a great day an keep up your good work

    from Shaniah

  15. Hey Room18

    That was a really great movie you guys did I hope you can do another movie like that.

    we liked how you made that movie.That was a nice one.

    Well done Room18

    From Jarna and Tule.

  16. hey ROOM18!
    oh i miss my class so much wow!
    me thinking back to what i did those times you guys do better than me Mrs Langitupu great job guess i would have to come to room18 for tips !
    just straight blowed me away .
    I liked the way Tanielu spoke he reminds me of Mrs Tele'a .
    Anyways Room18 keep up the good work kids and take my advice don't be naughty like me just do what you do and you guys might be one of the news reporters . haha !

    keep it up you guys.
    shots great work kids.

    Cindy .