Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Back in Da Day - Manaiakalani Film Festival 2017

Have you ever thought about what your parents did when they were kids? Life was very different back in the day. Technology has changed so much since when your parents and grandparents were kids. They didn't have access to cell phones, computers and the internet. Imagine if you had to live without technology.

Here is our Film Festival movie starring our Year 5 & 6 Extension students. It is based on their inquiry (Term 2) into how technology has changed over time and how it impacts our lives. Earlier this year they created a mini production called 'Back in Da Day'. Some of the dance footage is used in their movie. We hope you enjoy our movie!


  1. hi Pt England school it is me Alamoni from Ruapotaka school,I like your movie it was so enjoyable I hope you make another.

    1. Kia Ora alamoni I hope to create another movie too. the Extension crew enjoyed making this movie. I was chubby checker and the robot.

  2. Hello pt England school,i like how you showed that sometimes too much technology can sometimes corrupt you and do bad things to you,and also i loved how you showed that back in the day people didn't really have that technology and should be grateful

  3. Malo e lelei malie ho mou faiva,fantastic work in putting the Tongan culture in the film. Your acting is very very realistic. Malie ngaue,great work.

  4. Talofa Pt England School!
    I loved how you show what different things were like back in the old days, and I love how you showed that sometimes using technology could get in the way of everyday life sometimes. This was a great film and I really enjoyed it!
    Danielle =)

  5. Kia Ora,

    My name is Anna, I really like your movie because your movie is about the production you did a few months ago, I like how you acted so nice and your guys voice was nice and loud.

    All the best,


  6. Hi Room 18, I am from TPS I am a yr 6 in room7, I really enjoyed the bit were the boy said "I can't Believe they don't have cars or phones, I mean there not even wearing pants" #Hillarious!


  7. Hi what movie was really good. Wonder how much work you did?

  8. I loved how you did the thing bake into the day I very loved it thank you.

  9. Hi creative space tan movie was amazing I like the time when you go back in time to the old days

  10. AMAZING job
    i really like your movie
    i have to say that how long did you guys
    do this for?? that a question! also keep
    up the good work

  11. Kia ora
    my name is Madison I really like how you had cool dancers and good actors.
    By Madison

  12. That was such a great movie Creative Space, you are all very talented. I really liked your idea for your movies.

    Room 26 and Ms Tumahai

  13. that was a cool video, I liked it a lot. it was back in the day

  14. hi create a space l like how you are doing lots of acting in it. how did you put the movie together?

    from Yolanda and thank you for shearing your movie with us.

  15. Hi Year 5 and 6 Extension kids,

    We thought it was really cool when you said "there are flying cars". It made us all curious about what life will be like in the future. We thought your acting was great too.

    Well done everyone and Mrs Lagitupu

    Love from Miss Lavakula and LH1 @ Ormiston Primary School

  16. Malo e lelei i really liked your movie it so awesomeness and KEPP IT UP.

  17. Hi room8

    That was a cool movie keep it up guys

    From holly at pt England school

  18. Hi Year 5 & 6 Extension Group,

    This is a great movie! I really loved watching your play in the hall and it's such a good idea to turn your play into a movie. Very clever! Sometimes people write books which get turned into a movie - can you think of any books like this?

    From Ms Nalder

  19. Kia Ora, I really liked the way how you compared 1900 and 2017. It was very interesting and a great film.