Friday, June 3, 2016

Docs4Schools Extension Trip

Last week on Friday the Extension group and a group of students from Teams 4 and 5 went to Q Theatre. This was part of the Docs4Schools programme which provided screenings of international documentaries to schools. This was a great opportunity to view films that are not often watched by many of our students.

The first movie was called 'I am Eleven' which was an award winning documentary created by Genevieve Bailey. It was a beautiful movie about a group of eleven year olds from around the world. They share their hopes, dreams, thoughts, and life in general.

The second movie was called 'Winning Girl' and was about a young girl who had hopes and dreams of becoming a world champion in the sport of wrestling as well as judo. This was an amazing and inspirational movie about setting high goals and working hard to achieve them. 

We also enjoyed lunch at Aotea Centre in between watching the movies. 

Docs4Schools Trip 1 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Docs 4 Schools offers school students: year 5-13 the opportunity to attend free screenings of the latest documentaries from around the world. The documentaries have been carefully selected from the Doc Edge Festival programme to interest students and support the New Zealand school curriculum.

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