Friday, May 22, 2015

3Ps movie by Ana, Jordenne and Josephine

TOW JJA from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This movie was created by Jordenne, Ana and Josephine (Year 8 students). They explain their understanding of the 3Ps and how it relates to the Treaty of Waitangi and the Pt England Way.

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  1. Hey there Ana, Jordenne, and Josephine, I am a student from Wesley Intermediate School named siutaisa and I like how you made a video to show what it looks like in the Pt England way and the presenatation of the Treaty of Waitangi.
    My question is what did you use to make this video and was it helpful?
    Maybe next time write about what the video was about, but overall your post was Excellent and easy to follow. Rate 10/10