Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Me TV by Class 2

This is Class 2's entry for the Manaiakalani Film Festival 2014. At first the students were put into several groups and they were supposed to create a movie each. We had hoped to select the best one, but we ran out of time, so we decided to include a snippet of everyones ideas into the one movie. We hope you enjoy our movie. Please leave us some feedback.

The Manaiakalani Film Festival movies 2014 can be viewed on this link.


  1. HI class 2,
    I really like the movie you have done class 2 because the are very interesting and cool to watch. Keep up the good work class 2.

    From Samoa

  2. My favourite bit was when the boy was standing still. Who was that person standing still and how did you get in the t.v. Thanks for sharing your cool scary movie with us.

  3. hi class2 it was a good and awesome movie and it was cool by Desmond

  4. Hi Class 2,

    That movie was amazing. I loved how the camera kept flicking back to reality then to what was happening on the t.v. It was very clever! My favourite part was the Mortal Kombat fight with the fire balls. How did you do that?

    It also made me laugh when Antonio farted and everyone disappeared inside the t.v,
    Well done everyone and Mrs Lagitupu.

  5. Kia Ora Class 2,

    I love your wonderful and creative movie that you have created! Like like it when you use different shows in this movie like "Horror, and the girls dancing". Keep up the fantastic filming class 2, and you will be famous for what you are doing.

  6. In a scale of 1 - 10, I would say this deserves a 9. It was because of all the complex effects that were put in the movie. I liked the mortal kombat part the most. All the gaming effects unlivable

  7. Hi Class 2
    That movie was so awesome.I loved the camera angles. How did you make the tv change from there normal to on the tv? best movie ever well done. Antonio you were so funny it made the hole cinema laugh. Another Well done to your presenters how spoke very clearly


  8. Hi Class 2,

    This movie was so entertaining to me, it made me in a mood of laughing, dancing and I was kind of scared. I couldn't stop laughing when Antonio farted. Good Job Class 2 and Mrs Lagitupu keep the good movies up.

  9. HEEEEYYY Class 2!
    We loved your movie! The effects were on point. We all loved the Mortal Kombat part and the horror part. It was so realistic and creative. It was full of comedy and definitely grabbed all our attention. LOVED IT!
    From Gloria, Tyla and Kaycee

  10. Hello class 2

    I really enjoyed your film festival movie it was entertaining. The Horror scene was my favourite part. It was awesome and amazing Well done

  11. Hello Class 2,
    I really enjoyed your guys video....
    it had all of your class and my favourite bit
    was your class dancing, made me laugh.

  12. Kia Ora Class 2,

    This movie great because it had all of it. It had horror, action and its funny. My favorite would be the mortal kombat because of the fire thing and the background. This deserves a 10/10 !!!.

    Sincerely Faaiua.

  13. Hello Class 2,

    I really enjoyed your movie because it included the whole class and also because there were different songs used in the movie, and I also really enjoyed all the parts and scenes with different music and different backgrounds.

    Keep Up The Good Work:)

  14. Hi Class 3,

    What a wonderful movie you guys created for the whole school to watch, that's one of my best movie that I had watched. The favorite part of your movie was that the girls were dancing because it was really funny.

  15. Hey Class 2, I love the way you produce and shot your movie. Good job to you as well Mrs.Lagitupu. Your movie was so awesome and thrilling to watch. Filming in green screen rooms are hard but you all were brilliant at it. You all looked amazing and parts of your movies were exciting. My favourite bit of the movie was all those pretty girls dancing and also the horror movie. Keep up the great work!

  16. Hi Class 2,
    This was such a creative and really enjoyable movie to watch. The highlight overall would probably have to be the horror scene and the effects in the mortal combat scene. You not only had great animating effects but you also included different camera angles. Awesome movie, Keep Up the Great Work!
    From Jorja & Tyla - Class 1

  17. Hi Class 2,

    Your movie was shattering! I loved when they played Mortal Kombat. How did you guys come up with the fire effects and other effects? It was very entertaining. I have got to say that, this movie was the best movies I have watched. Bravo class 2! Well done to the producers, actors, editor, class 2 and Mrs Lagitupu. Keep it up. I am looking forward to see your movie next year!

  18. Hi class 2,

    You movie was really amazing and included a variety of things to hook your audience in. I felt that it was awesome how you got a variety of channels you would see on a normal TV and used students to act out a lot of the different channels. I also liked how unique it was when you added in Mortal Kombat as a gaming part to TV. I especially liked your ending how the children got sucked into the TV. I thought your film was an epic combination between Humour and how you hooked in your audience.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comments Finn. We appreciate the time and effort it took for you to leave us some constructive and positive feedback. You really understood what our movie was about, and you have made it sound really awesome! You are amazing!

      Class 2

  19. Hey Class 2
    Your movie was AMAZING,I like the whole movie I can't really pick what part is the best but well done
    to all of use ,Maybe you could make more movies together ,Thank you for the most enjoyable movie to watch at the Film festival, 2014.....How did you come up with such A great and magnificent movie.

    From Cheyanne

  20. Hi class 2 that was an a creative movie, I really like how you use all your class students in your movie that was a creative Idea it really like how the boys were watching the girls on tv I can imagine that in real life well that was an charming movie and well done to you and your class

    Kind regards

  21. Hello Class 2

    I really enjoyed your movie this was the best movie I've ever seen, The highlight of the movie was when the mortal combat game came up and class 2 boys were in it also when Antonio farted that was the only part the made me laugh until the movie finished , who drew the mortal combat? , it was the best ever movie I've seen

  22. hey Class 2,
    I liked the film, the story was a bit all over the place but the different types of TV you showed was awesome. I liked the Mortal Kombat bit no matter how cheesy the effects were.

    Twiss, Stonefields

  23. Hi class 2

    Fantastic movie nice acting I like the horror it was interesting and nice angles when you shoot the movie

  24. Hi class 2 this movie you created was awesome, especially the mortal kombat scene on the tv. The graphics on scorpian were amazing you nailed the fire and your fighting scenes were awesome. But my favorite scene was when antonio farted. I cant wait for your movie next year.

    Kind Regards

    P.S. Have a Great rest of the year

  25. Hi Class 2
    This moiie you did was soooooo cool, I love the camera aingles that you did I hope that you do some more moive like this keep it up

  26. Great Movie Class 2. There were very good angles and It was very creative. Keep up the Good Work.

  27. Hi Class 2,
    This movie is awesome I really liked the way that you's put the movie together. My favourite part was when the dances came on the T.V.

  28. Thank you everyone for your comments. We appreciate the time and effort given to leave a reply. The Manaiakalani Film Festival was fantastic and we enjoyed watching the variety of movies on offer.

  29. Well done Class 2 it is awesome I like how you watched the scary movie and you played mortal combat it was cool The scary movie made me scared. You people taught me a listen dont watch a lot of TV

    Good work class 2 I am impressed keep up the good work.

  30. Great work class 2,
    You guys have some awesome talent, and how you guys put a short version of a video into your film festival video. The Mortal kombat was cool and all the others that you did.
    Well done class 2.

  31. Hello Class 2,
    I love your wonderful and creative movie that you have created. This movie is awesome I really liked the way that you's put the movie together.You guys have some awesome talent, and how you guys put a short version of a video into your film festival video.

  32. Malo e lelei class 2
    I loved your movie especially the horror bit. Well done and good working together to make this movie. Antonio was so funny how he fake smiled.

  33. Great work class 2

    also I like the song and that was the best

  34. Hi Class 2
    I like your movie. I liked the dancing and the scary movie. Well done.
    From Mitchell

  35. I love your movie because you added lot's of detail and
    a lot of funny parts.

  36. Hey I like your movie because the acting was awsome

  37. Wow Class 2,
    I think your movie is fantastic I have enjoy your movie I wish I was in you amazing class with your lovely teacher. What I really like about the movie was your acting and you have added some detail to it. Who was the person with the black jacket?

  38. good work i was laughing when I was watching It

  39. Hi Room 2

    I Really Like the message about Me Tv Being Cool I was Cracking up it was really funny. Please visit my School blog Panmure bridge school.
    By Mya

  40. Hi Class2..
    I really like your movie because I like how Chloe Te Tai and her friends dance hope use make a very awesome movie next bye.

  41. Hi class 2 I really enjoyed watching It was very interesting to watch.

    from Kahui

  42. Hi Class 2
    I really like the movie. My favourite part was when someone farted and everybody was getting angry.
    But the part that scared me was when someone was laughing, it was so creppy.
    Keep up the great work Class 2

    By Roimata

  43. Hey Class 2!

    What an awesome movie. Really good acting skills as well! I had so much fun watching your movie, that I watched it over and over again. I hope I see more movies like this in the future!

    Love Hannah =p

  44. Hi class 2 I like your movie an it's very funny I hope you make another cool video keep up the good work.
    By PehSo :D

  45. Hi class2

    I really like the party when someone was rapping it was my favourite and I like when someone was a ghost or something


  46. Great job class 2,
    I really like how yous want to watch different kind of things and it's really funny too. Keep up the good work. :)

  47. Great job room 2 my name is Petra-Rose and I like you video it was funny too you guy are a great video also you guys are a great team.
    What was your favourite video on our school?Oh sorryh our school is saint pius x I hope you comment on one our video.
    Keep it up

  48. Hello my name is Henrietta and i just want to say what a lovey movie to watch keep it up.
    And also i just want to say how did you feel watch St Pius x Catholic school?

  49. Hi Class 2.

    This was a very thoughtful movie, I loved the graphic effects of how Brandon had fire for Scorpion in Mortal Combat. Keep it up, have a nice day.
    From Esrah.

  50. hi my name is fetuao i like your vimeo from fetuao

  51. Hi my name is Tavake from room 8 I love your vimeo

  52. Hi Extension Group,
    Awesome MTV!! I love the way that you have turned it into a rap battle and then turned it into a horror. Keep it up!!!
    From Ata

  53. Hi Extension Group,

    I really liked how you put in different ideas into that one movie. I liked the lipstick that everybody had on and playing mortal combat. I really liked your different shows.

    I look forward to your next blog post.