Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The mind and Body by Iisa

Explanation Writing

The body is an amazing thing. It is an essential part of you. Without it you’d be as dead as a rock. It helps you keep healthy when you’re sick, keeps the blood flowing when you have fun, allows you to inhale and exhale oxygen and stay alive.

Once you reach adulthood, you will have reached full potential. It takes 7 years to finish going through puberty, and when you are at the top, well, you’d be an adult! In that stage your hormones will start kicking into action.

When you are little, you aren’t using much of your brain. You're only using a bit. But as you grow older, You will use more and more parts of the brain like the Cortex, the spot that helps you make decisions. When you are around 20 years of age, You will use nearly all of your brain.

But if you take drugs for example, it will damage your brain permanently. It will also affect your body, making all of your reactions slow down. It will affect your memory, so you can’t remember your past. And sometimes it will give you sudden mood swings. And soon it will be hard to stop, as most of the time your body will suffer dreadfully without it.

Usually another price that comes with drugs is that you will lose your future. If you could go somewhere with something that you do, and you go on drugs, you could lose your chance forever. You may be chased down by the cops, being controlled by a drug dealer, or just suffering. It’s not the best idea to go on these. It’s not water, or food.

Also, eat healthy food. We’ve all heard that many times before. Healthy food is good for you. For example: If you eat tomatoes, you will have a reduced chance of getting cancer. Beetroot increases the amount of iron in your blood, and carrots help with your vision. So don’t always eat unhealthy food, have some good food every once in a while.

Water is a must for keeping your body alright. Having soda all the time is bad for keeping balance in your body. All the sugar in the soda can damage your teeth. So not only should you not take soda regularly, but brush your teeth so they don’t get broken, or so you won’t have infected gums.

If you have an infection, it’s best to tell someone right away, rather than leave it. It will most likely get worse, and can sometimes lead to blood poisoning, or losing a limb. Doctors are always a good idea to help cure infections, and so is ointment. Do not leave serious infections to chance. That is a dangerous decision that puts you in lots of risk.

So take good care of your body. It is an amazing and precious pal, the best you’ll ever have. You can ask a rock to find out what it’s like without a body. Or maybe you can take real good care of yours. Don’t throw it all away. You only have one chance, so make the most of it. Kia Kaha.

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