Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet Ms Haapala!

Greetings! My name is Ms. Megan Haapala and I have been working in Mrs Lagitupu’s fantastic Year 7 & 8 class this week.  I am from the United States, specifically from the state of Michigan (the one that looks like a mitten).  I traveled to New Zealand with a group of 11 new teachers.  We all just graduated from the university.  We are from two different universities - Michigan State University and Oakland University.  I am in New Zealand for 3 weeks and am visiting schools around Auckland and Wellington.  Point England is definitely the best around and I don’t want to leave!

This week in class I have watched the students working hard on various assignments.  With the theme “Art Alive”, I am very impressed with learning the class is doing on different artists.  They have been working hard learning about famous artists, where they came from, and how they became the way they are. I sure have learned a lot from the discussion I have had with the students and by reading their compare and contrast 5 paragraph papers!  Very impressive!  

They have also been working on describing their “favorite place”.  I have read about many different places including the rugby field, beaches, homes, and cities.  The students are starting to draw these favorite places in the styles of the artists they have been working on.  I can’t wait to see the final results!   I also got to experience tech (at Tamaki College) with the Year 7s and got to try my hand at making some delicious chocolate cookies. Yummy!  Along the same line, I was able to read some awesome podcasts on books the students have been reading.  They are absolutely fantastic.  

It has been an exciting week at Point England.  I have had so much fun talking to the students and learning about their lives and sharing some laughs.  I really love this school and have been very lucky to have been able to visit for a whole week!  It has been absolutely fantastic!  I look forward to looking at the students blogs when I am back in the states and leaving some comments on their work.  THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY WEEK!!


  1. Hi Ms Haapala
    It sounds like you had a great time in our class full of year 7 and 8 student. Hope you have a sake trip home.

  2. Hi Ms Haapala!
    It's cool to see you've enjoyed your time in our class and school. You've helped us so much with all of our work. We're all going to miss you very much! I hope you have a good time when your down in Wellington! Have a good time.
    Thanks again.

  3. Hi Miss Haapala,
    I am glad that you have enjoyed your time with us here at Room 21. It isn't going to be the same when you leave. I hope you have a safe trip when you go to down to Wellington. We will miss you!

    From Shoal
    (Rm 21)

  4. Hi Miss Haapala,
    I love your writing, it describes what you have done in Room 21 and what you like. Hope you get home safe and tell your family and friends about it. Hope one day you come and visit us again, THANK YOU Miss Haapala. Make sure you leave us your blog URL and that you keep in touch. :)

  5. Hi Miss Haapala,
    I luv your writing it describes what you've learnt and done in Our class room 21 gonna miss u
    From Roimata

  6. Hello Miss Haapala
    I love yur wtigting about 21 and how you like it here.I really aprciate you teaching us and showing us what t do and not what to do.Hope you have a great trip back to Amereica and also hope you tell all your freinds and family about us.
    Thank Again

  7. hi Miss Haapala,I am sorry that you had to leave school but we all love you and what a great post you wrote and i hope we can keep in touch.

    room 21 junior H

  8. Hi Miss Haapala
    You are a great vistor and I miss you right now and you are the best teacher in the world. And I hope you have a safe trip to America. 'And I wish you came back to Pt England to tech our school' hope you become a book auther and a techer...XOXOXO Miss You very much!!!!wish you all the best love Mary Ikimata!!!! <3

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  10. Hello Miss Haapala,

    I am so pleased that you had a lot of fun in room 21 we enjoyed your 4 days with us. I hope you enjoyed having fun in New Zealand and in our school grounds. I love the way wrote your Pt England School is the best around and you don't want to leave. We will remember you forever!!!!!


    Love Caroline

  11. Kia Ora Miss Haapala,

    I hope you had a good time at Point England School. I wish you a happy trip to Wellington and a good trip back to Michigan.

    By your good friend Waata.

  12. Hi Ms Haapala
    Room 21 is glade to have you in our class we also had the best 4 days with you and I hope that you had the best 4 days with us too. I hope you have a safe trip to Wellington ......WISH YOU ALL THE BEST...... Love Senolita

  13. Hi miss Haapala

    I hope you have enjoyed your time a with rm 21 and right now i really miss you and you were the best student teacher in rm 21 and thanks for teaching me alot when you were here rm 21 is gonna miss you.HAVE A SAFE TRIP BACK TO AMERICA.

  14. Hi Miss Haapala i'm very sorry that you had to go but to usa. I have enjoyed you being in room 21 for the first time I wish that you could come back and stay but I know that you will have a better time in usa. But you can always come back anytime you want. Have a safe trip back to usa bye

  15. Hi Ms Haapala THANK YOU for coming to teach us some strategies. Thank you very much hope you had fun. Wish you much luck for your other school.

  16. Hi Miss Haapala

    I hoped that you had a enjoyable day with our class and I hope you learnt a lot of things in New Zealand and I hope you have a safe trip back to America and I hope you had fun with us students at Point England school.

    From Stephanie

  17. Hey Miss Haapala,
    It is such a shame that you have to leave today. I wish that you weren't leaving. I like your post about our class. I really wish that you had a great time with our class and hopefully you could visit again next year. Thanks for the fun and the smiles that you shared with some of our students. May God bless you. Thank you so much for teaching our class and taking up your time to come to our school. I hope that you have a safe trip to Wellington and back to United States.
    From Makerita

  18. Hi miss Haapala

    I hope you enjoyed you're time here in rm 21 we miss you helping us with things and we hope you have a safe trip to Wellington and have a safe flight back to Michigan.WE WILL MISS YOU!!!

  19. Hi Miss Haapala,

    I hope you enjoyed your stay hear at Pt England you were awesome helping us do maths and conferencing with us. I hope you come again one day. We Will miss you!!!!!!

    From Brooklyn room 21