Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Room 21 2011

Welcome to our wonderful class blog. This is our class photo outside our brand new Intermediate School building at Pt England. These are some of the spectacular children from years 7 to 8 who all like to learn from our pretty teacher whose name is Mrs Lagitupu.

We will have some amazing animations to show on our blog during the year. We have lots of smart and intelligent kids in our class. We all will love some comments from you.

By Tokorima and Nezinli (Year 7)


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  2. What a cool photo! Who took it?
    I really can't wait to see that animations that you guys do, especially you two - Toko and Nezinli.
    All the best for an amazing year.

  3. Awesome start to 2011 Room 21. I know you will be setting a very high standard in all that you do this year. Be sure I will be enjoying it via your blog even if I don't get to visit your classroom enough.

    Have a great year

    Mrs Burt

  4. Hi room 21!
    What a cool class photo. I hope to see more work from you guys this year especially your cool animations.
    Well have a great year.

    God Bless, by Joshua

  5. What a fantastic photo Room 21! I want to be in the photo too.You guys should be proud of yourselves. I look forward to seeing some really cool movies from your class this year!