Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fiafia night

At the end of term three Pt England School had a Fiafia night. Everyone in the school was involved in a group item. On the night there were many amazing performances.

Team One were one of the first groups to perform. All the practices paid off as the students performed their best on the night.

Well done Room 23 and Team One!

You guys were amazing and everyone was so proud of you all!


  1. Your Fia Fia item was very cool Team One. I am so glad your teacher is publishing these photos so we can all share them. It was a fun night.
    Mrs Burt

  2. Fia fia night was cool. There were lots of people. All of the dances were nice. My favourite item was our one and the Tongan group.

    Vinolia (posted with help from the teacher)

  3. We had lots of fun there at Fia fia night. I liked our 'this little light of mine' song. My favourite item was Kapa Haka.

    Waimaria (posted with help)

  4. At Fia fia night we were dancing and singing to the music. We were good. Everything was good. I was one of the dancers for team one. I was in Pounamu too.

    Tevita (T.J.)
    (posted with help)

  5. Room 23 you are so clever at getting photos up of the Fiafia. You all look so amazing and performed so well on the night. Room 23 are wonderful performers. Well done.

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 10

  6. You guys did an awesome job at the Fia Fia night. I loved your item,and I'm sure everyone else enjoyed it too.I hope we have another night like that soon. I'm sure your item would be great.Keep up the great work

  7. Hi my name is jaylee from room 15 I just wanted to say you guys and girls were awesome on fiafianight I was amazed yous blew me away with what you showed the audiene and school best wishes Jaylee